Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Super happy now!!!!!
Remember I bought curler from Taobao? I tried it few times and the results turned pretty bad. The clamp left a deep mark on my hair and it looked awful. I'm the totally beginner in the hair department even though I watched tons of hair tutorial in these years. -.- Yes I watch them, but I guess you need to do it yourself to actually know how to do it!

Finally finally finally, I went back to that Taobao page, and watched the tutorial video again. Okay, I get it. Googled on how to curl you hair lol, and watched a video, where the woman says it's all about the way that you release your curl. Bammm! Finally got it! I tried the way like taking out the curler from where it is, hold the curl for a couple seconds then release it. Boommm, the clamp mark.
But then I tried to release the curl straightly, omg it works perfect! The clamp mark had magically disappear!
Curl the hair with the same way, and I love how there are no clamp mark! Thanks God I found the way or I had already decided not to curl hair anymore. Just use the straightener lol.

I'm not sure on other photos but this is the only one out of few that can go on public lol. Others are like crazy posture.  -.-  And this looks nerd and stupid -.-

The curl didn't turn out very nice, looks like a mess, I know. But I'm super excited! Because I know the way to get rid of clamp mark, next I just need to make sure I'm curling the same direction! One big step into the hair department lol.

My holiday has passed few days but I didn't go out or something. lol   I just don't have plans for holidays! The only plan is going to KL and watch a musical, which is tribute to Cory Monteith. I can't help but want to watch this so deadly. My mum didn't allow me to go KL alone, so she's going with me. And the musical.  -.-
I don't know why she wants to go with me, I mean the KL okay I accept because she's worry about my safety, but the musical? She don't watch neither know Glee. -.-

Do you love me?
Do you love me like the way I love you babe.

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