Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The first post

Of 2014. Ugh, damn 辛苦 now. Sore throat all of sudden! Get slightly sore throat yesterday but really not that serious so didn't care it at all, for sure.
Then today, damn, so freaking hurt. At the afternoon, starting getting cold wtf. And till now, the rubbish bin beside me is full of tissues.
Honey water sooth my throat so much but my mum insist I can't drink more than 1 cup a day as it will cause diarrhea. Is it true? I should get some strepsils, omg.

Not a good day to start a new year. It's been a year since I got my phone hahaha. I didn't treasure it that much, I'm sorry! I'll treat you better and try my best to avoid any dropping.

Tomorrow is my very last paper. The given up accounting. After that, I'M FREE!!!
Super duper excited about this holiday because it is freaking 2 weeksssss!!!!
Yeah so jealous of our juniors since you guys get 2 weeks holiday as the first sem break. Our first sem break is just 1 week! So freaking short and I literally spent everyday on internet hahaha.

New Year resolutions? Been thinking to do that but I decided not to make one because I know I'll not stick to it. I reread my 2013 resolutions, and I think I achieved nothing even though there are just 3. -.- I didn't become a happier person, no. But I did become a little happier in school, compared the 2 sems. There are also some moments that get provoked by group members, but the semester is ending tomorrow! So, whatever!

I already had 2 panadols this afternoon and I felt better, like really fast, no wonder it's called actifast. It really works fast. But now I feel awful again, like I know I'm getting fever very soon.

I always get sick before trips. But I haven't plan any trips for this holiday yet!! Body, why! T.T

My 2014 first meal was the Shin ramen cup noodles as supper hahahahaha.
Then today's dinner, Selina's 닭 갈비. Hahahahahahahaha. No lah just some mushrooms and noodles and chicken cube. Used the Korean chilli sauce and Japanese bonito powder for seasoning.
Because there were only my bro and I, my mum went for golf-.-  So there are leftovers. I fried those leftovers and scrambled an egg as well. It tasted okay lah. Of course can't compare with Uncle Jangs, the sauce is different. But still edible, and don't have any sign of diarrhea, so okay. lol

My freaking 2013. Most of them are my vain selfies omg. I don't know where the hell that picture from 2011. Oh, that's the photo I saved when Cory passed away. Why the hell it's 2011 -.-

These photos and videos filled up my memory already! Thinking of deleting them after back up but don't bear hahaha.

First photo of 2014

Happy new year!!!

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