Thursday, February 27, 2014


本來已經關機 洗臉要準備睡覺了
抱歉啊電腦 :)

2NE1專輯發佈了! Come back home很好聽我很愛
gotta be you也是很喜歡 好愛CL的rap啊啊啊

I like to be in car. Because it the very private space that I can talk whatever I want. But I think the cars beside me either think that I'm singing, or I'm crazy because there's no one else in the car, yet my mouth don't stop moving hahaha.

I talk a lot. Randomly. From the things happened, or the things I should say for oral class, a lot. Because I still believe that, talking with yourself is a very effective way to learn English since I have no native speakers around me. So, I talk, with myself.
The thing I noticed today is my accent. I tried freaking hard to speak like American. I'm learning American accent fyi. I learnt the accent through all those makeup tutorials, those beauty videos. But since I started get obsessed with Korean, I stopped watching a lot of makeup tutorials. I watch only Michelle Phan's now, making me hearing lesser American accent. Instead, I watch a lot Bubzbeauty's video, because she has a vlog channel, and I love seeing her daily life.
She has a Northern Irish accent, which is different with American accent. I think my accent now is kinda going to Bubz's, oh gosh.
Not the Irish accent is bad, but the accent I wanted to adopt is American accent. So I think it's kinda bad that I've gone a little Irish. I personally think Bubz's accent is very cute, the way she pronounced some words are cute but I just prefer American accent.

The is the thing I noticed while I was driving to Esther house hahahahahahaha. I had one time, sitting in the car, and started to talk. I recorded it after a while, and there's like almost 10 minutes hahaha. I said things randomly. I'll pretend that there's a invisible audience in front of me, and listening to me speaking. So, I talk a lot.

說了那麼多廢話   結論就是

我不等了. =)
雖然說前面更好的看不見我  但我也不再停留了.
放久了  會變質的
所以呢 自己好好過吧
把之前的東西當成假象  別人所做的讓我聯想的東西  也忘了吧
只能說妹妹影響我太大  讓我有很多幻想呢
或許  是被妹妹玩弄了? 哈哈哈哈哈

愛寫  又怕別人看

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