Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hey, it's my birthday again.
I had a gathering at my house last night. I swear, I never wanted to make this into birthday party or whatever, I just hope everyone can gather during Chinese New Year. But when they arrived, they brought a cake along omg.

Esther bought me a nail polish set. Thank you!! I bet you must be suffering when you're choosing because you never know anything about these. lol

Had some barbeque meat, gambled, and the must-have activity when they are in my room---nail polish remove and apply, vice versa.

 I don't know who the hell came out with this idea, having our own pictures on phone and take picture with it.
Note 2, S4, note 2, iPhone. My face is already huge enough, yet I'm holding the smallest out of everyone?! Damn I should've borrowed Kai Yun's hahaha.

The girls from last night.
We're good enough to hold the absents' photos hahahaha. Ah Gou went back earlier for the 拜天公. Tang Tang had to work. Khang Zheng was behind the camera, so Esther held their couple photo hahaha.

Stayed until like 1am. I was so freaking tired after sending everyone home, but still played with phone for a while before I went to sleep. lol

Waking up at 9-ish today, I don't get enough sleep recently!!!!!
Lied on the bed, playing with phone, tossing around, then finally get up and shower at 10:30.

Took this while waiting for my bro today. Birthday, so what? Still have to pick up brother from work, ugh.
Then he told me he don't want to have lunch. O.O  That should be my first meal of the day. I was thinking bringing him to have bimbibap, but he said he didn't want to eat. I was also super stupid, I should've just brought him to watch me eating right? I just went back home straightly. -.-  Then cooked some food from yesterday. Meat meat meat.

Stayed at home all day. Was actually planning to go CS because I wanted to go Popular, but it started to rain all of sudden. O.O   It's like the first rain in, a month? Then my plan cracked, instead I watch some variety show on YouTube.

Had dinner at 9:50 -.-  I've been waiting for my parents because they went for golf! They only came back at 9. Waited for them to shower then go Sutera.
Had Japanese cuisine, as always hahaha. Japanese cuisine is always my favourite! Of course western and Korean cuisine as well.
We went to Warakuya Japanese Restaurant. 和楽屋. Recommended by my mom's friend.

Sashimi platter for 2. But it's actually quite huge portion. The fishes were fresh! Tasted nice! They were super thickly cut as well.

I had a kimchi ramen. I know I'm crazy for going to Japanese restaurant and eat kimchi, but I watched the Korean variety show, and they had ramen, look so freaking tasty, made me craving for spicy too. But here's kimchi ramen is not spicy enough.

After dinner, here I am now. In front of the laptop, again.

Thank you to those who gave me wishes! Thank you so much. Thank you Regyne because you always send me message super early. And yes, I know all those fireworks was for me last night hahahahaha.

谢谢.  我19岁了.
我知道什么可以期待, 什么不用期待.

This is my little blackboard in my room. Thank you Esther for writing the words, and Khang Zheng for drawing it! I'm actually not sure the drawer because they drew a lot-.-  But in my memory, this final version is drawn by Khang Zheng. lol

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