Thursday, March 13, 2014


Finished the freaking nervous oral midterm test!! Woohooo! Freaking freaking nervous when it's around my turn. Couldn't stop taking deep breath when I'm the next. I just couldn't calm myself down. It's, nervous.
Going into the classroom, alone with the teacher is scary enough, but teacher had already listened to us for the whole day, and she seems like in very bad mood? You can't imagine how scary it was when I went into the room.
BUT! Thankfully things ended pretty nice. She liked my speech! Thank goodness OMG.
The question asks who you like the most in your family. I said my cousin brother. Because he treats us like real siblings, he is a nice person, even though he also always says those ridiculous things.
Growing up together really have a different kind of feeling. We were freaking close, then something bad happened to our family, but we're still cool. Hahaha.
Once a family, always, a family!!

Having hot chocolate, or you can say cool chocolate because it already cooled haha.
Homemade hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows on top. When the marshmallows melted, the stickiness is awesome! But you'll feel sick of it after half cup of it, which I'm feeling currently hahaha.

It is served in my favourite cup. Not only because it's white, but I love the words on it. lol

My cousin came visit us last week! Packed 4 days omg. I did nothing but going out hahaha.
We went to MyLiberica cafe in Molek.


I think it's okay. I don't know much about coffee, unlike both of my cousins, but the atmosphere is absolutely good because you can actually see the barista making coffee.

Stolen online.
I know the thing at the right bottom! It's called ice drip coffee. The ice on the top, while coffee in the tube. So the ice will melt and drip through the coffee. The process will take a day. This is what my cousin told me. ;p

Stolen online.
The whole row of glasses hanging. But it will be awkward if you sit in the front, and looking the baristas in eyes. Hahaha.

We went there on Friday night, not much customers, nice aroma. But the staffs were too many! Hahaha, all of them standing around the bar counter. 
Nice night, chatting about childhood, cousin-hood, family. 

On the women's day, we actually went to Singapore, 3 girls. Nice walking day wtf. Freaking sore legs. Cornetto was giving free ice creams if you like their facebook page at Bugis Junction. I didn't go, but my cousin went and got one even though she didn't like the page hahaha. They were introducing new flavour which I assume something related to Taylor Swift because the Cornetto truck has her face on it. McDonald's ice cream also having super duper cute rose pink cone! OMG wanted to have one but didn't have the chance. :(((((

When we got back to JB, finally getting rest and getting internet, we finally found out about the MH370. :(( So sad, and feel disgraced when I log on weibo and see those comments. 
Prayers to the crew and passenger's families and love ones. They'll be back.

Went to JPO on Sunday. Saw someone looks like Hock Ming, but I'm not sure. I didn't see clearly because I was too shy. No lah hahaha. When I decided to see clearly, he walked into a shop, so I didn't have the chance to see. Hahaha.
If it's Hock Ming, hi sir!! lol. I was more curious who he went with, with girlfriend or friends?! Hahaha I geipoh teacher's relationship one. 

Caught up with Glee, and felt kinda sad when the seniors are going to graduate. Tina will cry once they bring up the topic. It's sad, I know you Tina, graduation is sad. The life moves on, time goes on. You'll be okay!

Gonna sleep, class tomorrow.
Goodnight. <3 br="">

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