Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tioman trip

Holiday ended, it's time to face the reality. School started yesterday, and it's so unfamiliar when I reached the school. I don't see any familiar face, and it's freaking awkward when I went into the classroom. Everyone were my juniors, and I knew no one. Thanks God there's Karen in the same class with me since we had the same mathematics class before in second semester as well. But she's super far away from meeee. :(
The lecturer was like a new lecturer, all he did was read directly from notes. Can you believe it? It's mathematics! And the notes are exactly same with mine, I just kept looking at notes. This is also my first time encounter a lecturer who scans the notes from the book directly for us. OMG

I went to Pulau Tioman last Friday! Our class trip to Tioman was on 19th, we missed each other lol. I never thought that I'll go Tioman, because I have other plan. But the plan cracked due to my father and brother's work, so I went to Tioman with my mum, and her friends.
They were actually planning to play golf there, so I brought laptop and book along because I thought I'll have plenty alone time. But turns out they only played 9 holes, due to the bad course and flies lol, so I was with them all the time!

The first look when we arrived at the jetty.

My mum's friend took this, I stole the picture lol. We stayed in this kind of chalet. It's like a house with four different rooms.

While the golfers hit the golf course, I went to the poolside with others. 2 aunties and 1 uncle lol. As you can see, I'm bad at taking panorama photos lol.

You know the kind of photos that girls take? You can't tell if that are legs or sausages? This is my version. It's......elephant legs. lol!  AND NO, THAT'S NOT MY STOMACH. THAT IS THE FREAKING BAG THAT I'M HOLDING.

The sand isn't as pretty as Redang's.  :(

I love how the sun reflects on the sea.

Aunties and uncle were having fun in the pool and sea! I didn't changed because I didn't know I had to go with them, I thought I'll have some alone time and I planned to take a nap lol.

Stolen from auntie as well lol. The second day, we had our breakfast outside of our house. It's like picnicking. I'm the one in pink!

The second night's sunset. It was very very pretty, I'm actually at the seafood restaurant. I took off my shoes while we're eating. It's so nice to eat on the beach.

The very first selfie with mum lol. And she complained that the sea wasn't in the photo.

There you go, a human and the sea.

The sun almost gone.

After dinner, we went to the pub in the resort, because there's live band. And there's a table of foreigners beside us. When the atmosphere got high, they came and danced with the aunties lol. And the aunties pulled me out too! Super awkward and I kept looking at mum who was sitting there looking at me. -.-  Other aunties also didn't want to save me as well. They just asked me to relax, and dance with the guy. 
I didn't even know what we were dancing, it turns out it's waltz. O.O  I didn't know what I was doing. 

2 of them can speak Korean! They're Canadian but they learnt Korean in America lol. We didn't speak much because no one understands them lol. But it's so cool to see a Canadian speaking Korean, yet I understand him!

The last morning, I got up earlier and went to the beach alone. It's so relaxing. A cleaner who was working on the beach greeted me. Everyone was so friendly here.   :)
 I call this, the broccoli island.

 The sea is very clear, transparent. It's like tap water, no colour at all even though it looked blue. It's tooooooo clear that you won't believe it's sea water.
 I was sitting on the beach, watching the waves come and go.
And it was so hot from my right side, the sun was scorching and my thigh felt super hot and got red.
 And this was my remedy to cure it lol. I introduce you, the sand mask. lol!
 Saw China tourist taking photo lol. Look at that butt!

After the beach, I went back and took a bath, then we went to have our breakfast. We parted into 2 groups, and I'm in the Chinese restaurant group lol. Other went to the Malay restaurant. We had seafood porridge, and it costed us RM184 for 5 people. We put 1 huge fish and 5 huge prawns into it. The prawns was RM59.

After breakfast, we went to the duty free shop. MY CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! I took whatever I want lol. Aunties also tell me which are good, so I bought them as well lol. I bought also a champagne chocolate, and it is so good! I put the chocolate in the fridge, so the champagne in the middle is slightly frozen, but you can taste the alcohol.

I bought also the jelly beans!
 There's no the special version, the one including ear wax, boogers, vomit and other scary flavours! I'll definitely buy that if I see one.
 There's 20 flavours, but I see some repeating colours in it so it may not including all of them?
My first try was this, and I picked it out. It didn't really tasted marshmallow. But I had the bubble gum one and it tasted nice!

It was a fun weekend getaway! I didn't thought the trip will be so fun! We had over 100 beers in 2 days, and spent a fortune on eating. But the aunties were so nice, they didn't count me in account because they don't charge a kid! We're 11 but only count 10 in account. I felt so bad so as mum.  :(  
Aunties were too kind!! I ate same amount of food with them, perhaps more lol, and I had beers as well. But they insisted on not counting me. So my mum and I only paid for one person.

I don't know how much the trip cost because the organizer Auntie Pei Ling is the member of the club I guessed, and she had free rooms. The first night was free and we only pay for 1 room of second night. Other rooms are free. But it's RM800+ for 2 nights, 1 room. The room was super simple, so I think it's expensive. :/
We paid for food but it already costs a bomb. I didn't think that we'll spend so much on food!

I added the vintage filter in Meitu, and it's my phone lock screen now! The filter makes the photo softer and nicer. 

It's so nice to have a trip with aunties. That's why I like going out with mum, because some of her friends like to tell me things that I should know in the way to grow. Auntie Pei Ling told me about friends, and it kinda made me wanna cry lol. Some faces popped up in my mind when she told me that friends can be divided into different levels and groups. 
Auntie Pei Ling is a very nice person. 她的人脈很廣, 而且強悍的可怕. 

I wanted to go on trip with them again! Even though we'll spend a lot on food.... but it's fun!
It's sleep time, I have class tomorrow morning.

Until next time, 뿅!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

這網址太邪惡了  明明就只是下雨的聲音
為什麼配上一些音樂  會讓人那麼想哭?
我不知道我想起了什麼嗎  我的腦袋是空白的

早上在alarm響之前  被驚醒了
夢見了  有人對我說為什麼economic考那麼差
整個夢很莫名其妙  可是這一段 為什麼要那麼傷?

壓力太大?  整個禮拜晚睡早起的  為了準備考試
是不是因為economic沒有什麼讀到  現在害怕了?

夢裡的那個人  是EA1的人  是因為這樣嗎?
被以前EA1的人  說我現在economic考不好  所以覺得丟了EA1的臉?



可是好恐怖  不安感席捲而來
好害怕  我到底怎麼了  ;(

一定是final把我逼瘋了   一定是壓力太大了
我需要放鬆  我需要甜品 哈哈哈

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Exam ended. Finally relieved. Been sleeping at 1am and waking up at 7am to study. lol I know that's now enough. But it's still something, at least I did something. Just try my best not to fail any subjects anymore, except for the freaking marketing. Super duper hard.

The last paper today was economics. And I didn't study much, my holiday mood was so on yesterday. I was soooo excited that I didn't want to study at all. Soooo happy that exam is over!!
It's also funny today in the exam hall because once it reached one hour, Terence stood up and hand in the paper, and then Jacky, and then everyone. Almost half of us leave the hall after Terence as the lead lol.
There's another funny story yesterday, in the exam hall, someone's phone was vibrating. My sixth instinct told me that, IT IS MY PHONE. I had the feeling that the vibrate came from the direction of my bag. And it's not only one call, but TWO calls.
After exam, I checked my phone and my sixth instinct is freaking CORRECT. IT WAS MY PHONE. I told my friend, and she said thankfully the teacher didn't check whose phone, or I'll be embarrassed till dead. She also said the whole class was vibrating. OMG!

Even though there's nothing much to expect in this holiday, I'm still glad that we have holiday! Andddd I have another semester. :/  😭

So I want to make good use of this week. I planned to hit few shopping malls. XDDD
Girls need relax! I'm still thinking of doing gel manicure, but it kinda hurts nails and my nails are hurt enough. :x   Still in consideration.

Friends are planning to film a video, and it's tomorrow. And it's 1:32 am now and I'm still sitting here. I need SLEEEEEEEP!

Until then, biong!