Saturday, May 17, 2014


Exam ended. Finally relieved. Been sleeping at 1am and waking up at 7am to study. lol I know that's now enough. But it's still something, at least I did something. Just try my best not to fail any subjects anymore, except for the freaking marketing. Super duper hard.

The last paper today was economics. And I didn't study much, my holiday mood was so on yesterday. I was soooo excited that I didn't want to study at all. Soooo happy that exam is over!!
It's also funny today in the exam hall because once it reached one hour, Terence stood up and hand in the paper, and then Jacky, and then everyone. Almost half of us leave the hall after Terence as the lead lol.
There's another funny story yesterday, in the exam hall, someone's phone was vibrating. My sixth instinct told me that, IT IS MY PHONE. I had the feeling that the vibrate came from the direction of my bag. And it's not only one call, but TWO calls.
After exam, I checked my phone and my sixth instinct is freaking CORRECT. IT WAS MY PHONE. I told my friend, and she said thankfully the teacher didn't check whose phone, or I'll be embarrassed till dead. She also said the whole class was vibrating. OMG!

Even though there's nothing much to expect in this holiday, I'm still glad that we have holiday! Andddd I have another semester. :/  😭

So I want to make good use of this week. I planned to hit few shopping malls. XDDD
Girls need relax! I'm still thinking of doing gel manicure, but it kinda hurts nails and my nails are hurt enough. :x   Still in consideration.

Friends are planning to film a video, and it's tomorrow. And it's 1:32 am now and I'm still sitting here. I need SLEEEEEEEP!

Until then, biong!

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