Saturday, June 21, 2014


I know this is super boring and annoying, but I still wanna say, 我又想念Cory了. lol
Just watched Glee "Quarterback", and I was trying to watch it as calm as I can. I tried, I really tried, but at 12 mins, I burst out crying, again.
That's a line tickled my heart, "now he's gone".Anddddd a ninja cut onion in front of me again.

We had a small gathering last week, primary school friends. There were 6 of us.

I love how we still hang out after so many years. I love I'm always included in the gathering lol. I know I mentioned this a lot, but I really love this gang of people.
So many things to talk, so many things to reminisce. We seems like never got tired to discuss about the times back then. We always talk about people who lost contact with us.
We didn't change much from the past. I treasure this friendship a lot.
In these 6 of us, 1 is working, 2 of us are in Southern, the rest are in form 6. But thankfully we still have the mutual topic to talk!
I hope the gathering will be hold very soon! Looking forward to the hotpot party, and macaroons!

We stopped holding huge gatherings since form 3. It's time to keep that tradition going on ;)
Otherwise in another few years, we may separated to different places to further study.

I talked to my English teacher yesterday, after class. I was curious on her alma mater, and degrees. I saw the passion of her in education. It's definitely a brave choice to quit from what you're doing now, and going for education. I love how she speaks proper English as well, unlike the teacher from last semester.... lol.
I told her I was originally wanna take up diploma in English, but persuaded by the marketing department, ends up in foundation, like most of us lol.
Then she told me that, after finishing diploma in English, the graduates will get chance to further overseas! 2 of her students even further in Australia!!!
I was like, wtf! I should've stick with diploma!! I hate the marketing dep. more now lol.
She said I am mature (well thank you, I'll take that as compliment), and our school needs this kind of students. Omo, was she saying that students in SCU are childlish lol. Just kidding!
I guess that's because English department is lacking of students now, as the language courses aren't the best choice people will choose. People always go for business or financial or accounting, the courses that can kinda ensure your future.
Well, I'm glad I have the passion in English.  :)

But I have problems in speaking. I can't speak properly when I'm in front of people who speaks well. I couldn't speak well yesterday as well. I will 結巴. But when I'm alone, I'm completely fine! I guess that's no use speaking well when alone, while 結巴 when talking to people, right?

最近, 左眼一直出現雙眼皮. 我知道那是因為眼睛干和累了.
可是我右眼眼皮很厚, 不可能出現雙眼皮.

但是我希望他是在平時出現, 不是晚上不睡覺的時候哈哈哈.

要出去的話, 拆下來后也會有一點弧度, 又不會過度.
上星期父親節的時候, 就這樣出去了.
工作人士就是不一樣, 只不過說好的請客,
從老媽生日, 拖到母親節, 再拖到父親節才實現哈哈哈.
 無視我的大歪臉, 我正在嘗試補救中, 不知道行不行罷了.
嘴唇很沒有血色 :(
That's why 我很喜歡一個maybelline的lip balm.
既有護唇膏的滋潤, 也有顏色. 而且buildable.
可以當口紅用, 可以根據event來看涂多厚.
上次出席婚禮也是直接涂lip balm, 而不是口紅.

好吧, 照片里似乎看不出來. 😂

有一個網上在滑手機的時候, 突然想起pitch perfect,
我很喜歡Fat Amy這個角色.
很酷, 很直, 很有個性.

深感應該要改名了, Fat Selina好了.
So twig bitches like YOU don't do it behind my back.
 No particular person in mind.
But I bet A LOT of YOU did say I'm fat.
It's not like I care.

Can't think of any tittle to this post.
Hey will do.
I need sleep.
Good night.

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