Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surprising holiday.

*sneezing!* Ahem, I'm feeling unwell. The weather recently is either overheat, or rain. Drink more water!!
I resist to have medicine lol. I want my body to heal myself hahaha, I'll see how it goes in few days, then decide whether to have medicine or not.

It's a surprising holiday for Johorians today. Last night, I was doing homework for today's English class, last minute homework, as always. Then I felt tired of reading long passages, I browsed Facebook on phone then seeing someone posting holiday tomorrow. I was like, what?
Then I proceeded to the most reliable source, Google, typing "johor holiday 26 june". Sounds funny? It did the job. =)
Then I saw The Star's news, I read it and I was like yes!! It's holiday! But then I realized that, we're not sure if we have the holiday or not. I refreshed Facebook for so many times, finally after an hour, the result was, the student union said that they will announced tomorrow before 11am.
Eh wtf? Then how about us having early class? I have class at 9, if you announce holiday at 11, isn't unfair to all of us? lol This was my first thought when I saw the post.

Woke up at 7 this morning, I can't even open my eyes properly. But then the first thing I did was browsing Facebook, finding the answer. Thankfully they announced it early! It's official holiday!
Actually it's obviously a holiday to students, but as private institution and Chinese school and college, we just can't confirm right?
Then I received message from Jue Shan, then I received Line message, then I received a call. Obviously there are good students who go to sleep early and don't browse Facebook early in the morning.
My cousin WALKED to school and realizing school wasn't not opening, and other students waiting for parents to come. Then he WALKED back home directly.
I was feeling a lil guilty because I thought of telling him yesterday night, but I think there will be friends of him online all night long, and saw the news and inform them. But no one did lol.

All I did today was having late breakfast with cousin sister, then stayed at home all day. It's a lazy holiday and I like it!
I was actually planning skipping school tomorrow too! But then I realize there's a quiz tomorrow wtf. -.-
Luckily I remembered it, otherwise I'll lost the marks!!!

It's freaking hard to sleep with stuck nose. You can't breath with nose, so you have to use mouth. But the mouth will dried quickly! I felt like getting up and drink water within 10 minutes last night -.-
It's suffering!

It's like people can't bother to listen me. I often can't finish my stories or sentence. I may be cut off by others, then they started their stories, or they have to leave their seats, etc etc. People also can't remember what I said, but wanting me to remember every word they said. I get asked often, "do you remember xxx that I mentioned to you last time?" They expect a "yes" from you. But I can't expect it from others.
It applies in school too. I told my friend things about class when she was absent, but next week, she'll forget everything and I said I told you last week, she's like, "really? I don't remember."
I freaking have no idea why people treat me like this. All I want is just, listen to me, let me finish my story not cutting off me and start telling your stories. This make me don't wanna speak anymore.
That's why I always say I'm a good listener, because no one wants to listen to me, so I listen others.
I'm not a quiet person, definitely not. It depends people around me. I'm quiet now even with my friends. But I'm noisy with my cousins, I like to talk, I talk a lot when I'm with cousins. They make me comfortable to speak.

Super sleepy, gotta sleep.
Stay strong Selina, STAY STRONG.

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