Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'm back from a 3 days weekend getaway! It is actually very nice to have this because it does help me relax. ;) Cleared my mind in these 3 days.

But now I have to worry about everything.
Mathematics class tomorrow.
English presentation on Thursday.

I seriously hate maths. I see no points of learning it if we're not going to be mathematicians.
But then, I seriously don't want to be super senior for another sem. I need to learn it myself as the teacher's teaching can't really help me wtf.
I guess I have to rely on myself! I hate maths but I need to PASS IT!!!

Just thinking of maths class tomorrow makes me having headache. :/
What if I still fail maths this sem?
What if I still have to retake maths next sem?
What if...........

These just came across my mind.
I'm afraid, I do.

These thinking make me more regret of taking FIA. I seriously hate the marketing department because they made us chose FIA.
But I can't give up now......
I can't simply switch to diploma now.

Oh God.

I don't know what to do.

Anyone like, seriously patient enough to teach me maths?

Damn it.

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