Saturday, July 26, 2014


As we grow bigger, and older, the lesser we blog lol.

Last month, had dinner with a friend, who's been in the same class for straight 6 primary school years. She seemed so mature when there were only both of us lol.
She talked a lot. She said I always seems emo. She talked a lot into me.

To be honest, that was the only time I'm all honest with my feelings and thinking for a long time. I always hide my feelings. I'm the kind of person with ostrich mindset. I'll run away from problems. Often.
I never speak quite much about college. It's not that fascinating as you think. I've been in college for 1 year. And I pretty much only blog about negative things. Because I don't always feel positive in school.

But now, there aren't much of us who didn't graduate on time. When we're in the class, us the seniors are always in a group. This semester it's kinda like my favourite semester. Because I do make friends. We do connect, we do speak, we do contact. It's not like the past 3 semester, who I may never said more than 5 sentences throughout 3 semester. But we're speaking now.

I can't make friends easily. I can't even look into their eyes for long time lol.
I'm strange, huh?

I started making nails again, yey! I change my nails very often this couple weeks. I think today's is the third I'm wearing in these 2 weeks. I enjoy doing nails!
Now I'm super in love with wearing 2 different colours.

I love that baby blue! My left hand is just gradient pink.

Then this was my second nails. Inspired by cutepolish. I was in the middle of computer class and super bored, went on Googling cutepolish, and tadah! Look from a distance, this did look great lol. But when you're looking up close, you'll see how bad it is lol. But overall I like this design.

My left hand now. Forgive me, I haven't clean up the nails. I'm wearing my newly bought polish from Etude House. The name goes like "nice mint yoo". The yoo as in Korean. This is my bad translation haha! "나이스 민트유", #69. The polish was kinda streaky, which I didn't experienced much from the Play series products. This is weirdly streaky so I have to do polka dots on it to cover the streak marks. I don't want to remove and redo.  And the one on my ring finger is called "firework", "파이어워크",  #112. I applied 2 coat for more opaque effect, because it's hard to get the glitter on the place you want them to be.

On my right hand,
it's like a light tan colour, very natural that is suitable for everyday. It's called "midnight radio" "새벽라디어", #33. I also applied the fireworks on my pinky for a little glitter touch.

I bought them yesterday, and received samples. The samples made me happy despite that I already owned the full size toner lol. But anyways, I think this is my first time getting samples from Etude House. So, yeah! Happy me getting samples!

I finally get time to watch The Fault In Our Stars after finishing the book. I was well prepared, to cry but somehow 2 girls bought ticket beside me. I didn't cry much lol. But a Malay girl cried so hard that you could keep hearing her sobbing during the later part of the movie.
It was good. I got goosebumps when their lines are exactly the same with the book. I also love how they did the details in the movie. But I was looking forward to see Hazel's friend, Kaitlyn. But she didn't appear in the movie. Isaac is kinda hot too lol.
I want to watch this movie again, kinda. This movie is so nice.

I can rewatch the movie I like for million times. Pitch Perfect is my favourite movie at the moment, still. I watched it at least 5 times and the count will keep on going. I like some old Disney movies, DCOM, like Camp Rock. Haha!

Anyways! This is a full post of crap. I'm going to sleep, it's 1:16am. Goodnight!!

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