Thursday, August 21, 2014


The last drama that I finished was The Heirs. Yes, I didn't watch My Love From The Star. It attracted me when the teaser was played during 2013 year-end award ceremony. But then it became so huge, so popular, I lost the interest in it haha. But I think I may watch it perhaps next year, or 2 years later haha. Like what I did to We Got Married, when it was so popular, I think people are crazy to watch artists' virtual marriage. But then I watched it, and I was so into it.

Anyways, I just finished Monstar, a music drama from 2013. I saw the teaser on Channel U before, but I can't remember the date and time, and I don't watch TV as much, so I missed the show. But this is always in my mind, I wanted to watch this so badly. Finally, I had time to watch it and finished it. It's only 12 episodes, and I love it.

Music drama always attracts me, like High School Musical, Glee and Dream High. This is just another Glee like show. Unlike HSM and DH, they don't pursue a singing dream. But it's like Glee, different kind of students gather together, just because they like singing, they like music. They formed a group, Color Bar.

Like most of the school-based drama, the importance of friendship is always the topic. Also, loveline is something to be expected.
In this drama, Se Yi and Sul Chan are together. I prefer Sun Woo actually, he is so understanding, and never let Se Yi cries. But like Na Na says, what's the point keeping a girl laugh while girls always go for the guy who make them cry.
I like Kang Ha Neul so much! He is also the senior in The Heirs, Hyo Sin sunbae.

I like the songs they covered too. I was surprised how good were they. 

Right now I'm watching Trot Lover/Lovers of Music. Eunji of APink is the lead. I like her a lot because she's very cute, and I super love her vocal. Shin Bora, my favourite gag woman also in the show, but her character isn't that likeable from the 2episodes I've watched. But she's an amazing singer. She is the best gag singer!

But Eunji sounds a little awkward because she's trying to cover her Busan accent. She definitely sounds better in accent! Hahaha. But she incredibly can sing trot! And sounds amazing too. 

I really hope to see more this kind of Korean music drama!

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