Saturday, August 2, 2014

Late night talk.

Inspirations always flow at the night, especially midnight. It's currently 2:10am.
It's raining outside, pouring super hard, and I have Ugly by 2NE1 as background music as I type this haha. 2NE1 actually put the raining effects for Ugly in their AON concert.

After a long time, I finally log into my page again. My popin' cookin' page.
As expected, there are many messages, and I didn't even read them. Because I'm not selling anymore.
I mentioned it to my 14-year-old cousin, someone offer to buy my page. And I rejected.
She said I'm silly, what's the use of me keeping the page?
But, it's my work.

I spent time and heart on the page. It's not like, oh let's see how many messages do we have, oh let's reply the messages, receive money, send product out, done. No, hell no.
It's a Japanese product, it's from Japan. I did many research on wholesellers to get a reasonable price. the shipping fee were freaking expensive. I couldn't cover anymore therefore I have to raise my price.
For the god sake, I have to even do research on whether if it's halal because we're living in Malaysia. Again, this is Japanese product, they don't have certificate to prove this is halal, but also they can't prove it's not halal. Contacted the wholeseller and Kracie yet no answer. I couldn't afford to send them for test, well because I was still a student and I don't know how to go over the process.
Andddd it created a big mess on me. Cyber bullied came in, yoohoo. Then some friends supported me by speaking out to the bullier, thank you so much for those who stood up.

Back to the topic, I don't know how much does the buyer willing to buy my page. Because once I saw the message, I rejected right away. It's my baby you know. 1k of likes isn't easy to reach as popin' cookin' was just a heat. There was the time "RRcherrypie" on YouTube was so famous, everyone saw their videos. Popin' cookin' was so popular and so many people were searching for it. I set up my page at the very right time because that was the peak. But as time goes on, the heat cooled down, and no one looking for it anymore. Most of the messages I received after the heat were from children who wanted to buy it, mostly Malay, and I know it won't work because well, they were too young to shopping online. Most of them were 8-12. Like seriously?

But anyways, I didn't, and will not sell my page because it's my baby. Well I think no one is interested in this anymore lah.

"Say something I'm giving up on you "
Please, say something so I can give up on you. 

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