Friday, September 19, 2014


Happy day, happy me!

Went to City Square with cousin today, our motive today was---Seoul Garden! I'm really wondering why is it named Seoul Garden when it has nothing related to Korea at all? Barbeque? lol
Anyways, the squids are extremely salty, as always. I love their fish!

Bought a few things that make me happy! Finally bought 神與人的遊戲2. Wonder how the characters continue the game to up-level, 連接高我.

Also bought my favourite favourite favourite (so important that I have to mention 3 times) eyeliner. K-palette 24hr eyeliner, this time in another limited packaging! It's on offer so from RM59.9, it's now only RM39.9! What a grab! Can't miss the deal as I saved RM20!

I finally finished "It's ok, that's love".  And I really love the drama. It's really worth watching, for those who haven't watch it, I reccommand this. It's like plot twist within plot. It's awesome, never watch this kind of genre.

Been on happy mood after finish the drama! Now I want to continue rewatching "iApartment". It's like my must-watch drama every holiday.

I found something interesting on Wechat today, from the public account "水瓶座秘語寶庫"
It's Chinese Zodiac analysis.

For year of boar/pig/me,
1. 喜歡吃, 頂級吃貨.
2. 霸道, 有很強佔有欲.
3. 懶, 超級怕麻煩.
4. 愛捉弄人, 事後還經常自鳴得意.
5. 超自戀, 沒事就愛臭美.
6. 容易害羞, 遇到喜歡的人反而會疏遠.
7. 外冷內熱, 對陌生人視而不見.
8. 固執, 不善於變通.
9. 過於溫柔, 經常把愛人慣壞.

From 7 out of 9, I would say this is accurate lol. I think this apply to zodiac in different horoscope. I read year of dragon for my cousin and she thought accurate as well, despite that she's not Aquarius.

I like these simple happy day! But my mood can go super extreme anytime, so..!
Hopefully the mood will go smooth for the rest of the night!

ALSO! HAVE TO MENTION THIS! So important that every word has to be in capital. I FINALLY GRADUATED FROM FOUNDATION!
I mean, it's like as happy as I graduated from high school! :/
I failed subjects so I had to retake another semester, and few weeks before finals, some of our friends from foundation actually started their degree life. So when we bumped in schools, they'll like, "Selina! What are you studying?" " Another sem." "Oh.."
Crap, that's freaking awkward. I was so afraid I would have to meet this situations for another sem! BUT!!! Thank goodness I passed every subjects! And I'm now officially graduated from the freaking foundation!
I don't know how the hell I passed my mathematics, but obviously I did! And I'm super excited!
When I saw the results, I didn't even know C means pass or fail lol. I have to ask friend to make sure. I was super duper happy when I confirmed it's a pass!

People may think I'm overreacting as I only graduated from Foundation.
BUT! Because I retook one semester, and if I failed my mathematics, that's another sem. And it goes on if I can't pass it.
SO! I feel damn happy because I overcome the hugest obstacle ever in foundation.  :D

I will start my degree next year, January intake, in English. I am finally taking steps to realize my childhood dream---to be a teacher.  :D
I'll definitely get my shit together next year to graduate in time. Because I'll be studying the course that I genuinely like.

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