Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm a super emotional person, as everyone knows. I actually have 2 posts in drafts, but they are so negative and emotional, so I didn't post them out. I think I've spread too much negativity omg lol.

If you haven't know, I'm Blackjack. Fans of 2NE1. I'm super in love with the song "it hurts" at the moment. I have no idea why but I just keep on repeating the song again and again.

This is the live version, my favourite.

Even though Park Bom the one with green microphone, looks like she's out of breath, but she is the one who delivers the emotion to the audience. I love her voice so much because her voice is really unique. I always feel "something" from her voice.

Her last line brought me to tears when I first listened to this.

CL (the gold mic) and Park Bom brought so much emotion here. I love love love the last chorus, where Park Bom and Minzy (the purple mic) sings together.

My current favourite of 2NE1's songs are all ballads omg. I love "Happy" as well lol.

It's actually 10:49am right now, and I have exam at 1pm lol. I better studying right now!!

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