Friday, October 3, 2014


Today is international smile day! According to the website Checkiday, today is also :

~Look at the leaves day
~National family TV show day
~National virus appreciation day
~World smile day!

 Well, they are quite unique and funny, but interesting! Try to look at leaves today, watch more TV show and be grateful how healthy you are. Do not forget to smile! Smile is something powerful that can make someone's day. A smile can bright up a person's mood, so smile more!

It is October, or High School Musical month to me. :)  I'll do a High School Musical marathon in this month. I might forget the lyrics, but magically I remember most of the lines from the show!

I was feeling uncomfortable today when I was in shopping mall. I received some weird looks from staffs of a shop, I saw it clearly one staff telling another to look at me, and another. I was feeling self-conscious, I was broken again. I felt panic and afraid. But I think the Korean dinner has swept my bad mood away and totally make me happy! It's okay to be broken sometimes, as long as you pick your ass up, and put your shit together afterward.

I'm not a plan person. I don't plan out my day, I just do whatever I feel like. But if I have plans scheduled, I want to do that. Even the plan involves other. I feel bad not being able to carry out the plan. I'm strict on plans and promises, as I mentioned before.

My mum said we're going back to kampung tomorrow. But just now, due to the holiday, she's afraid of intense traffic, we're not going back anymore.
This is totally reasonable, but somehow I feel mad. Because first you said we will go, but then you get a reason not going back. I just don't like people 出爾反爾.

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