Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My dream beach vacation.

Beach is always a popular vacation spot. I have that "something" about beach, as well. I always love going to beach, seeing sands, blue or green sea and blue sky. It is such a beautiful place isn't.

 Isn't the edge of sea and sky looks seamless and unlimited? It's just so beautiful just looking at it.

My dream beach vacation is just sitting by the beach, doing nothing. I know there are usually a lot of attractive facilities, like snorkeling, banana boat, even diving, and so much more. But I have no interest in them at all. All I care, is the sand and the sea.

I would love to just sitting there, tanning and relax. Seeing the waves come and go. Back when I'm in Tioman, the morning of the last day, I woke up earlier just to sit at the beach alone. I brought my phone and a bottle of water, sitting on the beach and listening to songs. It's a time for me to forget everything, and really really relax. And of course absorbing vitamin D. 

Watching waves come and go is very relaxing.

I always hope I can go to beach alone, or with couple of friends, we don't go out doing those water activities. We stay at the hotel, and when we're bored, go out and sit on the beach or build a sand castle. I always love soaking/sinking/being in the water, no matter it's sea or pool. Having cocktails (lol) and talk. That's what I really like.

我不喜歡水上活動, 我怕溺死, 而且對我而言算是刺激的活動, 我沒有興趣. 我只希望可以坐在沙灘上, 看著海浪打來, 又消回去. 不曬的話做個沙堡玩玩沙, 曬的話躺在躺椅上, 什麼都不做.
我喜歡這樣的海邊假期. 很純粹的只是想要看海, 什麼都不想做.

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