Friday, October 17, 2014

One of my favourite places in Malaysia

I visited one of my favourite places in Malaysia---GENTING HIGHLAND!!  YEAH!!! In fact I can't resist going there every time even though I've fully thoroughly explore there. I just love love love there.

My parents, me and my little cousin. Our cousin-bonding-time hahaha! Yes there's no outdoor theme park anymore, and for the N time, I DON'T CARE. I never a fans of the outdoor theme park. I'm not suitable to all those thrilling things. I'm afraid my heart will explode there omg.

From our room, you can see the empty outdoor again
Oops my nail peeked out. By the way the construction carried out throughout the day, the noise is quite loud if you open the window.

 I'm the lao da 老大.


Nah I didn't mean to make them like this! I was uploading this photo to instagram and can't decide which is better. At the end I picked the last one but I think three of them looks pretty funny when they're in sequence.

I was getting bored waiting for her to tie hair up, sooo..... :)
Just me being crazy.

We stayed for 3 days, and we did nothing but staying in the hotel watching Korean shows that I've downloaded. Close your jaws back. I just like the environment and the weather of Genting, that's why I kept on going even though there's literally nothing left except arcade games and snow world. 
Even my favourite McDonald's and KFC in First world hotel are closed T.T  My favourite stall which sells 銅鑼燒 along the road from First World to Genting is also moved T.T I see a lot of changes since my last visit, which is 4 or 5 months ago.
We had to go all the way to Genting just to have McDonald's. Oh and the food court in second floor of First World is also closed!! My favourite teriyaki chicken set!! T.T 

Instead, we went alllll the way to Genting again just to have dinner. We chose Munakata Ramen as I've been craving for a decent ramen for months and Sushi King in Genting is also GONE!

Anyways, I had seafood ramen, and my cousin had a udon set. Both RM25.
 2 lala, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of unknown fish and 2 pieces of squid and 2 pieces of the fishcake as you can see above.
The soup taste extremely like Maggi sup ayam+egg in it. Exactly the same oh god.

Meanwhile my cousin's udon taste extremely like 出前一丁 sesame oil flavoured. lol What's wrong with us?! I was looking forward to some thick broth ramen but all of them are light broth.
We also had salmon sashimi, RM20.

I'm not good at food photo *ahem*
There were roes on them! This was my first time tasting fresh roes and they're awesome! You can taste the sea in every single one of them. Except some were over salty lol.
The sashimi was not thickly sliced, but still a decent thickness. I think it's quite fresh. This was my cousin's first sashimi try! Both us think it's okay.

Oh how can I miss my favourite Famous Amos there! I know Famous Amos can be easily found and there's a shop in City Square, but only the Genting one is really seducing me to buy it. I bought it on the way back to hotel, this is the First World one. The smell of baking is...ugh so seductive. I love the smell of baking chocolate. The heated chocolate always has a smell that's so gooood.
This is the almond brownie. And it was AMAZING
Now I'm regret not buying cookies but only this single one brownie! How could I!!!

After our ramen dinner, on our way back we passed by the Baskin Robbins. And how could us miss dessert?
 I don't exactly know what she's trying to pursue in photo......
Okay mine seems like didn't focus on the cream but whatever!
We shared this sundae, I don't remember the name but it's cookies 'n' cream, and mint chocolate. Drizzled with hot fudge oh so good. RM14  Mint chocolate and waffles are awesome!!

On our way back to Johor, we stopped at Melaka and there's also a Baskin Robbins. I had the flavour of the month, tricks and treat. And it taste pretty much like cookies 'n' cream I would say. I can taste oreos in them.

Getting so hungry at this time, 1:16am naow.
Anyone recommend some decent ramen shop? Still craving for the thick broth pork ramen! 豚骨拉麵!!

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