Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WOAH It's 12:55am of 12th Nov now.
Almost half-way through Nov. Woah.
A month and half to my degree life.
Gosh I can't wait to be student again.
Even though I never be the good one, lol.

Wanted to blog more but since I don't have a life, I have nothing to blog.
Outing with friend is always the same friend, the same place.
Nothing new to blog, opps.
Other than my one and only friend, I only hang out with my cousin, who is 5 years younger than me.
Trying to get the young vibe from her.
'cause in 3 months, I'm going to be freaking 20.

Oh man I need a life.
My schedule everyday: 
wake up, eat, TV, internet, eat, internet, sleep.
Outing in between lol.

Recently I can't sleep until 3.
I think my body had get used to 3 o'clock but ugh.
I tried sleep earlier, I climbed on bed at 1 or 2.
But then I couldn't fall asleep, in any position.
I'll be like roti prata, flipping left and right.
But I think I found my most comfortable position--lying on tummy.
I found myself waking up to this position omg.

Also, whenever I sleep at left side, which is putting whole lot of pressure on my heart,
I'll dream something bad. 
Not particularly nightmare because they aren't scary.
But they somehow are the things that I am afraid to happen.
Like getting scold by not getting good grades in economics exam, haha.

During the nights that I can't sleep, I think a lot.
I'm thinking sharing my story with friend.
There's no use keeping a secret until death right?
Secrets are to be told, to be shared. lol
I think I'm ready to tell.

Good night.

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