Friday, November 21, 2014

Pitches are back!

It's 1:12am now and I'm super excited! I'm so hyped right now, I can't find a suitable word to describe lol.

So, it's the Pitches!!! Pitch Perfect 2 is coming back in May 2015!!! I love the first movie so so so much. I was really excited when I know the screening date, but uber happy when the trailer finally released!!!!!

You have to check this out if you haven't!!! Argh I'm so excited in midnight omg how?!
The opening of the trailer, the Bellas singing "Cups" with no instrument is so aca-mazing! I seriously can't stop repeating it, actually I'm still listening the part right now. I love how aca-awesome are their vocals, and how without any instrument, the song is still lively. Please repeat 0:05-0:46.
Ahhhhhh I don't know can I sleep or not omg!

現在就像是打了雞血一樣興奮!!! 看見trailer出了我就瘋了, 一看完更加開心! 這次是international的比賽, the Bellas一定要贏! 而且好像有了自己的sorority house, 全部都住在一起. 好興奮啊啊啊啊啊
Fat Amy好像變漂亮了!! 應該是瘦了真的漂亮很多了啊啊啊啊
真的好喜歡他們的聲音啊啊啊啊  一直重複0:05-0:45的部份, 真的太喜歡了
我又想重看第一部了哈哈哈. 看不膩, 我就是喜歡這種音樂題材的劇. 即使我知道劇情, 知道台詞, 還是很想重看. 愛情公寓也是一樣的感覺哈哈哈.

就是真的喜歡, 真心喜歡, 再怎麼重看都不會嫌膩, 不會想要快轉.

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