Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry merry Christmas!!

I've been excited with all Christmas songs around,
but when it finally d-day, I did nothing hahaha.

BUT! Yesterday aka Christmas Eve, my stomach never been empty after I woke up lol.
Had brunch with mum at 11-ish, did some shopping with her.
Met Esther at 1, had omelet and cakes.
Went to aunt's house 3-ish, had some snacks.
At night, the highlight of the day---BBQ.

With all the chicken wings, hotdogs, otaks, fish, prawns...
I can't really resist them hahaha.
My stomach was full all day!

But today, nothing special to make me feel like Christmas hahaha.
Stayed at home all day and had long nap that it.
Right now playing Christmas songs from Glee.
My Christmas tradition as I mentioned before.
Christmas songs really brighten up my mood~~ :D

Merry merry Christmas.
And 6 days later, we'll welcome a brand new year!!

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