Monday, December 29, 2014

New year resolutions.

Christmas is over, new year in 2 days! or 3? I'm bad at counting days hahaha.

Sooooo, let's make new year resolution now. To be honest I'll forgot my resolutions throughout the year. So I'll only remember them in first few months of new year, and the last few months of the year. Because it's time to make new one and you have to recall what you made, what you achieved.

My absolute resolution every year is to be positive. I might be positive at the day, but super negative at the night. That's why this blog is filled with negative, because I blog at night.

But it's a new year, my degree gonna start. Imma start become real positive.

I think one of the achievements that I've accomplished is telling deepest secret to friend hahaha. Even though it's through Facebook messages, and we never really bring it up when we meet... but still.
It's always the hardest thing when it comes to telling own secret. I'm glad I told her and I really felt so relieved! Like in Chinese we call it 放下心頭大石.

I think I should also list "cutting hair" into the resolutions hahaha. I should cut off an inch or so. It's getting too long and messy.

Not to be greedy and list out few points that I'll never accomplished. Should've make some that I know is accomplish-able hahaha.
1. Positive.
2. Cut hair.
2. Focus on degree study.

I think the next post will be in new year. Happy New Year everyone!!
Hope 2014 was great, and wishing you a better 2015!!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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