Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stupid, clumsy me

Never been that desperate.
I know I'm always a clumsy person, but never thought this day will come.

I lose my phone.
My iPhone, which left only 1 month to 2 years.
It's gone.

I went back home from aunt's house.
Took a shower once I got home.
When I came out from shower, I realized my phone was not on the bed.
I thought I must left it in car.
Nope, I thought wrong.
Went to aunt's house, no one saw it.

Tried find my iPhone, not sure did I turn it on or not omg.
The only device showed up was my mac, while I'm using it lol.
Search the room and car thoroughly, no results.
I think my car has been searched for like almost 10 times by me and my mum dad.
I was so desperate, I sat on my bed, staring at walls.
Tears starting to flow down.
But looking at the "stay strong" quote stopped my tears.

My mum thought I was sad because you know,
this is a modern era and phone means everything.
But no.
I'm sad because that's my freaking phone.
My first smartphone, my dream phone.

Made a promise with dad that I will use this phone more than 2 years.
But there's only 1 month left....

Accept the truth the next morning.
Phone can still be called through until 12pm, I know it's gone.
How can a iPhone with 55% battery, and 3G on, lasts from 7PM until 12PM?
While tons of calls coming in?

The only possibility that I can think out of is,
I dropped my phone when I went back home.
There were a group of Indian sitting in front of my house, drinking.
There was a party the night before.
A huge gang, I was scared.
Perhaps I dropped my phone when I open the lock of gate,
because I was holding my phone cable, purse, and phone.
They saw it and picked it.
 That's the only guess that may be real.
I even searched the place I parked my car at my aunt's house.
 Perhaps the person who took my phone charged my phone,
otherwise the battery won't last that long.
And he has to wait until morning to bring the phone to be unlocked.
Thankfully I have passcode on even though it is the stupidest passcode ever.

The phone can't be call until around 1pm.
And I made another SIM card with the same number,
so I'm still contactable.
But not whatsapp and wechat.
Line can be used through iPad and mac.
But I lost all my contacts.
Except my family, I can't remember ANY of my friends' number.
If you see this post and want to contact me,
please include your name in the message or I don't know who you are.

So sad I have 2 brand new unused phone case lying.
Now all I can do is staring at the cable, it can't be used anymore.
*Except I get another iPhone.*

Now using an old phone.
Have to wait until my iPhone contract ends, before considering any packages.

For sure, I still hope for an iPhone.
Well I'm Apple fans.

Arghh never been this clumsy and stupid.
Stupid stupid me.

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