Sunday, January 11, 2015

Get my new phone :D

Well, well, what should I say?
I'm so damn LUCKY

I mentioned that I have to wait for more than a month for my phone.
Guess what?
The next day, I got the call. Phone has arrived.

So excited going picking up my lil baby.
ugh stupid me deleted le original pic, had to get this from my instagram.

Am super happy getting smart phone back.
The only thing is I didn't back up my contacts, which means I have zero friends' contact.
Will have to get from them one by one.  :(

The first thing after I set up touch id (haha),
was setting up find my iphone.
I made sure it works on my laptop as well.
I'm still checking if it works every other day.
Just in case.

But I hope that will never happen again.  :(

Yes I'm very spoiled by my parents.
I thought no more iPhones.
But they allowed me to get iPhone again, my mum actually wanted me to get iPhone 6 plus.
But hey the size is a lil overwhelming haha.
I prefer a smaller one. 

 Happy me getting back smart phone. :)

I'm finally back to active in social networks.
Here I come, Instagram and Weibo!!!!


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