Sunday, February 8, 2015

20th Birthday

It'ssssss my birthday again!
I can still remember my last year's birthday, where all my dearest friends gathered around at my house.
I can still remember it vividly. 
But this year, I have my family!

But we didn't really celebrate hahaha.
We went out whole day, spent whole lot of money.

Had dimsum for breakfast, actually brunch oops.
Then we headed to JPO.
'cause I wanted to buy a pair of sport shoes, because I don't have one!
During my last visit to Penang, I wore normal sneakers and walked WHOLE DAY.
I thought my feet going to break. 
That was the time I really really want a nice pair of sport shoes badly.
I never had a desire on it, since I'm not working out and I don't see any events that I can wear them.

But after that long day, I think sport shoes is a MUST.
But my feet are super duper huge for girls.
I can't find girls' sport shoes easily.
Been scrolling around all the sport apparel stores at JPO today, finally find a pair in Nike.
It's the rare one because girls' don't usually have size 10. /.\
Even size 10 is just fit, ngam ngam. I need size 10.5 omg.
I found one man's at size 10.5, it fit me so well, so comfortable.
But the only thing is, it doesn't have a shape like women's does.
It's plainly huge. hahaha.
After a hard struggle, I finally decided on the women one even though it may be a little tight.

 My mum said it's my birthday present, hahaha. Plus that iPhone.

Had dinner/lunch at George and Dragon!
This is my second visit, and the first time in this branch.
We had so much food and I'm satisfied.  :D
Because I asked for western food for birthday, I didn't have a decent western food in so long!
Western food always kinda been my comfort food.
First time trying lamb chop today, ordered rosemary lamb chop.
But I didn't taste any rosemary in it hahaha.
The fish&chips was okay, nothing too impressive. So as the chicken chop.
Pizza was nice, thin and crusty.
Spaghetti bolognese was so disappointing. Too watery so you can't really taste the sauce.
I guess the lamb chop was awesome except I didn't taste nor see any rosemary on it.

Thank you so much for the wishes! Really appreciate them. :D
Didn't make wishes until I see another friend of mine who has the same birthday with me 's status.
So I made!
1. Hope my studies goes well, and hopefully *finger crossed* get into the dean list.
2. Lost some freaking fat or at least keeping in this shape, stop growing up all my fats!!!
3. *hold hands together* Done.
Third wish isn't meant to be spoken out or it will not come true.
Basically just hope everything goes well this year, and less accidents and disaster all around the world. :)
Oh and I didn't receive much emails from all the forums!
This is strange because I was actually looking forward to it hahaha!
Where's my email from Friendster? All the forums forgot me....

Alright 心情time.
首先想要和有向我說生日快樂的人, 再次說聲謝謝.
對於那些自稱自己還小的人, 請滾遠遠.

當然沒有實感, 也沒有任何差別.
只是偶爾想起, 啊, 我已經20了.
每個人都會怕老, 尤其是女生.

我真的沒有期待太多, 一向來沒有很重視生日.
反正還是開心的買了一雙鞋子, 也吃了想吃的西餐.

生日過了, 明日要上6小時的課 T.T
6小時不是重點, foundation的時候很多天也是這樣子過完整個sem.
 只是這個課和這個老師, 讓我覺得6小時可能會很難熬T.T

星期五的時候我們department of English開了hi-bye party, 迎新送舊會哈哈哈.
因為蹲著腳有點酸了, 所以我以為結束了要站起來了!!!!
 而且前面老師在看新聞 XDDDDD

一開始因為大家都不熟, 我很怕不知道要不要去
但是一個senior說我有去他就去, 會特地請假去, 只能答應去了.
一開始很生疏, 誰是誰我都不知道, 畢竟只見過一次面
加上姐記憶嚴重的爛, 記不住名字......
我有點人來瘋啦  很多人的時候會有點亢奮.
老師們一走  我們說話就很隨便
有點激動 然後我的原形就這樣畢露了 omg

senior為了做禮物通宵  真的太謝謝你們了 T.T

但說真的  過後在學校看到senior們的話  我可能又沉默了.....
但要學習主動打招呼啦  我這方面很白癡
很不敢打招呼  所以可能留下了很多不好的印象

然後的最後  就是這樣了
姐正式20歲了  TMD這天真的來了
我IC也換了  請不要再叫我快點去換了 其實是因為要做學生證才發現晶片壞了 囧

啾咪 ❤️

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