Monday, February 23, 2015


今日星期一, 初五.

It's the fifth of the CNY, we can say it's almost over
'cause people start working today and some start school tomorrow.

Now I'm sitting at living room trying to type something out.

Yesterday Eunice and Hui Woon came, and we visited each home respectively.
#CNYMAH  Visiting people's house is a must.

I seriously like being around friends, makes me feel better and happier hahaha.
Not like I'm living in an unhappy environment or depressed.
But being around friends brings you different kind of joy.
It's that something money can't buy.
I appreciate every friend that I own now.

Went back to my mum's kampung for 2 days.
We never went back to my dad's kampung because it's freaking Terengganu.
We only go back for Ching Ming hahaha.

Anyways we're back to Negeri Sembilan.

 The scar on my face though. Ugh.
Did makeup for the day, for my eyes I always wear eyeliner, mascara on both upper and lower lashes.
In this case I wore brown eyeliner and just lining thinly at upper lid.
Tiny bit of mascara on both lashes.
But it somehow makes the whole look so thick omg. I looks like I'm wearing ton of makeup.
I put only thin layer of powder foundation on my face so it shouldn't be my face looking heavy.
I'm thinking would that be the lens that I'm wearing.

And my beautician trim my eyebrows during my last facial T.T
My usual beautician wasn't there, so another did my face.
She was saying, "I'm going to trim your brow, only trim away little hair"
Then she straightaway processed trimming.She didn't even wait for my reply...
Now the whole brow looks so thin O.O and I hate the arch.
I prefer thicker and straighter brows 'cause I have a huge face. I liked my brows...

 My dear 3 youngest cousin.

My favourite cousin because she's the youngest one and she's a girl XDD
Boys can be so annoying with so much annoying questions.
She loves makeup and nails, like I do opps
Whenever she comes to my house, she never miss to barge into my room, and dig around my makeup drawer.
Her favourite is blusher and any kind of lip products.
In this photo she applied TONS of blusher on her cheek.
Because we're in a dim room, she kept thinking she had not enough blusher on.
But when we checked outside, woah lol.
She's also wearing Revlon lip butter in tuitti frutti.
My new purchase, a nice peachy coral colour.

There weren't much cousins back, we didn't play too much poker.
However, we did make our 12 years old brother played, we taught him and hell yeah he won so over 20 bucks. Which I kinda think it's all my money because I lost 20 bucks T.T
We were saying maybe it's because this was his first time and people say first timer gets the best luck.
 I seriously have no idea why I always try to 挑眉 whenever I'm taking photos while wearing glasses.
ps I have no idea what 挑眉 calls in English....fml.

My favourite way to eat bah gua, sandwich it.
Spicy flavoured bah gua is good!
But anyhow bah gua always taste nice, even in almond flavoured with almond slices on top.

Anyways this CNY has been good, so for so good.
School starts on Wednesday, *sigh*.

Happy Chinese New Year!!


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