Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello February :)

It's my favourite month of the year again! Yeah!!  ((撒花  ((insert confetti

I heard that when the time is 11:11, you can make a wish? (?!?)
I made a wish like 13 minutes before just now! I wished I can write cursive writing out of nothing. T.T
If you guys don't know, go Google cursive writing, you'll see lots of unrecognizable writing. God I hate this reading this font moreover writing them! But then our lecturer super like this kind of font, and ask us to write in this
Did a little practice just now, took like 2 minutes to write a short sentence. on earth to write this?! How can my seniors taking notes in classes with this font?!? THEY ARE GENIUS.

I'm so stressed about this font right now oh god. But I'm pumped because I'm listening all Jay Chou's old songs. I watched his new MV "聽爸爸的話" today, and really missed all his old songs. I prefer his old songs. 安靜 開不了口 星晴 龍捲風 愛在西元前(omg this is my fav)  and so on and on. I extremely like his first 2 albums, all so nice and classic.

I think I'm kinda start getting old... I like artist's old songs, and listen to them a lot.... Like Jolin Tsai and SHE, I prefer their old songs too.

Oh a funny moment a few days ago when department of English was holding meeting, us the freshmen introduced ourselves. I said I'm Selina. The next girl who stood up got asked, "are you Hebe or Ella"?  HAHAHA senior. Funny.

There are only 4 freshmen in our department....... the whole DOE has only 20+ people. It's a small amount of people.

Alright I think that's all I want to blog. I just want to update a little bit since I didn't update since 11 of January. And it's my favourite month :D

I need to get back to practise cursive writing. Toodles~!

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