Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tryin' get busy

It's been a busy week. I'm not the kind who will prepare earlier, I'm more a last-minuter hahaha. That's why lecturer gave us the topic of final public speaking last week, and I only draft the speech today, and I'm going to present on Tuesday. Oh I don't know how am I going to speak. Cards are a MUST. Tried last time go out without cards and powerpoint. God knows how nervous was I, and there's like 10 seconds I forgot my speech, I promise you that 10 seconds is the longest 10 seconds in my life. Everyone was quiet and looking at you innocently waiting for you to speak, while I can't think of anything. Luckily I remember otherwise I'm doomed.

Will be teaching tomorrow to our class, which 6 students and my lecturer hahaha. It's fun seeing friends teaching like a teacher, it's finally my turn tomorrow. NERVOUSSS. But it will be okay, since it's only 7 people lol.

I would say I like my class a lot. People are so friendly, and so strong on speaking motivates me to speak even better. I guess I focus too much on speaking than others. I realize myself be extremely alerted when it comes to speaking class. But whenever I'm trying to speak to lecturers, especially Indian lecturers, I stutter a lot. I have no idea why but I just did... and I seems to speak comfortably with Chinese lecturers. Hahaha nope I'm not racist but it just happens.

Joined an international students programme where 12 Japanese students will come to our university! Woohoo so cool. And I'm in the project too, so I'll be teaching he/she English for 3 months! Okay I'm afraid because everyone knows Japanese's English level, and I saw Makiyo on a show speaking English. Ham-bah-gah is hamburger. I'm terrified. Hahahahaha but everything is gonna be okay! I hope I'll be a good teacher and make my first international friend!

 One of the finals is to write a novella, which is short novel, 1500 words. Okay I only wrote about friendships, a love triangle with good or bad result, and base on a drama show. I have no freaking idea what to write! Can't suppose me to write things about friendship again it's university now. It will be so funny if I write relationship in the final so I seriously have no idea where to start and I better start it earlier hahaha.

Listening to bunch of old Glee songs. Le good old memories. Glee is going to end very soon.... will miss so many things on Glee. The lesson that I learned on Glee, songs and those funny funny names. lol Still a Gleek  ❤️

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