Saturday, April 25, 2015



It's the second week of the semester, 12 weeks to gooooooo............. okay.
Because of the Japanese students, my alarm is on whenever I'm with them. I'm super alerted to people around us, especially the guys.
Like seriously, what exactly are you guys dreaming?? Getting a Japanese girlfriend?? While she's going back in less than 2 months, and probably never coming back again?? You think long-distance relationship is fine?? Crazy huh you??
Soooo many guys like perverts around them. I'm just always alerted now. It's not we're trying to limit their rights to make friends, but our school is a dangerous place.... full of wolves hahaha.
Yesterday when they're passing by, we were waving and say hello, people around us started to look at us with strange eyes. Hiiiii we are language partners and we are their friends, please do not look at us with those eyes okay?
I bet there are sooooo many guys regretting not knowing this programme, and didn't go for language partner. And now all they can do is watching us going out muahahahahahaha.

Damn hungry now omggggg. It's 1:29am now. I just get tooo addicted to The Sims 4 after I finally installed it. But when I'm ready to play it whole day after class today, something went wrong T.T
I have to uninstall it and reinstall and redownload a file for it to work. Andddd I finally get to play it after I come back, for only 1 hour. So my plan for tomorrow is basically playing The Sims 4 WHOLE DAY.

After Japanese students came, I spent 99% of my money on FOOD in these 2 months. Like seriously when I look back, I bought nothing but food. It's food food food everyday. But because of the timetable I couldn't have anytime to go out as well. Now I have only 3 days of classes in a week!!! Woohoo it's a 4 days weekend for this semester!!! The only thing is I have class until 8pm every school day T.T   This is not a good thing!! >.<

Now changing my default font of the browser into Comic Sans, my favourite font, making everything so cute. Back then when I'm still using iPhone5, before ios7, I changed my phone's font in Comic Sans too! After ios7 I was too lazy to bother the jailbreaking thing hahaha.

 Can you see how cute it is?? Hahahahahahaha. So loving Mac having the function to screenshot only the places you want, crop screenshot right away. This way I don't have to screenshot the whole screen, then using paint to crop the pic. But there's no paint application in Mac.... never think about it before! lololol

Am loving DOE family now! Everyone is so friendly and nice, and even though we don't see each other very often, we can chat :) Unlike foundation before, we see each other everyday yet not close to everyone. We have too many small groups in the class. But this DOE is like a family, we're small that's why we're close.
Being a vice president is like a crazy thing. Even though still not sure what to do and I'm being ignored lololol but anyways, still a vp in DOE.

1:40am now, I have to sleep now to get up tomorrow to play The Sims 4. Ciao~

ps, thinking out a title for posts is really a pain

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