Sunday, May 24, 2015

3days in Singapore!

Hi, I'm back from Singapore.
Stayed 3days2nights there, being very fortunate to stay for free.
It's the new Genting hotel at Jurong east.
Andddd the transport is actually kinda tricky.
Okay there's the bus stop just right in front of the hotel, but being idiot in Singapore's public buses, that's equal to nothing to me lol.
The bus station is just 10 minutes walk from the hotel, again, nothing to me 'cause I seriously had no idea what bus should I take to other places.
The MRT station is 12 minutes walk 'cause it's just beside the bus station.
Then it's the JEM, the shopping mall.

The first day we went to Sentosa, because why shouldn't you? 
Nah just kidding my mum had to check in there so we're there.

Went to the 인사동 코리아타운, located beside the Malaysian food street.
Last time I was alone and don't dare to explore lol. But this time I have company.
Wanted to try J-cone ice cream but it had already sold out!!
Wanted to get  빙수too but was too full.
Instead, got 츄러스 churros.
It's like fried donut I would say, with chocolate sauce.
It's so sweeeeeet.

 We also got chocolate frappe.
Again, soooooo sweeeeet. But it's so rich, very very cholatey.

We took the mrt to bugis, walked around.
There are soooo many cosmetics shop in Bugis Junction! 
Even the VDL mentioned by Bubzbeauty, making me so wanting to go in.
But I know I probably couldn't afford them so I walked away from that cosmetics alley lol.
The etude house was having grand opening and it's soooo HUGE.
I wanted to go in toooooo but I reminded myself Malaysia's having buy1get1 free promotion. So..... yeh.
While we're taking shuttle bus from Harbourfront to Sentosa, we started taking pictures like no one else beside us but actually an auntie just sat right beside us.
 This is somehow one of my fav poses...
 Acting super stupid at the upper right......
Again recently I'm sporting my 死魚臉 a lot.......

The next day we went to Ikea, which I'm struggling when pronouncing it.
The correct one is e-kea, that's why in Chinese it's 宜家.
But due to watching tooo many American's YouTube videos, I tends to pronounce it as i-kea, 愛家 lol 
So whenever I want to say Ikea, I might say i erm e-kea.
Bought a clock that's only $1.5. Like seriously??
My old one was broken but it started to act normal this week. I think it knew it's going to be replaced so it decided to be normal lol.
But anyways I still bought it, just in case it stop working anyday again, and I love how simple the clock is that's why I'm buying the same thing again lol.
I also bought a candle! The last time I was here, my mum didn't allow me to buy one because she thinks I would burn the whole house down.
But since I bought one candle from bath and body works and the house still remained the same, I bought one this time lol.
It's the Sinnlig candle, tangerine/orangey scent.
It's very light, and somehow my lemon minty scented wallflower from bath and body works overpowering it lol.

We were so tired so while the mums went to the casino, us taking the shuttle bus to the hotel.
Sentosa is providing free shuttle bus to the Jurong hotel, takes around 25-30 minutes.
Anddddd we started our photo games again....
 My flying eyebrows stole all the spotlights.
 Can you see my eyeliner here???? I think I did great that day lol.
 This is very Tim, if you watch Bubzbeauty's vlog. lollllllllll

So instead of sleeping, we both got energized from the nap in car, deciding to watch shows on phones lol wtf.
Oh the hotel is providing free wifi, and it's quite stable I would say. Points added.
After finish the shows we got tired again wtf??
While we're energized, we stayed in the hotel, but then when we should go out, we're tired like hell.

But I wanted to go to JEM for the DIY McDonald's burger anyway.
So we walked 15 minutes omg it's so damn hot by the way.
I was wearing makeup by the way, which means I can't wipe my sweat away easily, I have to use tissue paper to pad off the sweat, while I'm sweating like Niagara falls omg.
Then it turned out the DIY burger have only beef, and my cousin don't eat it.
So I ordered a fish for her, and I had no idea why didn't I choose the DIY 'cause I freaking DO eat beef! 
What I thought was oh you can't eat beef so I'll eat chicken.
OMG what was I thinking?!?! 
Only realize the truth when we're back to the hotel, and I regretted so much.
I walked 15 minutes wanted to get the burger, ended getting some simple burger?
While I can totally walk just within 10 minutes to JCube for that burger?
OMG I was seriously so dumb. So dumb. I can't even.

 Bought this for $3.3, and it tasted nothing like matcha........
 Wanted to show my smudged-like-hell makeup lol. But my cleavage popped out so... yeah. lol
It's just the cleavage, not the whole boobs lollllll

 And we're back today! No traffic jam at all. omg
We checked out at 11am-ish, arrived home around 12pm lol.
Seriously no jam, no traffic, so smooooooooth.
OH we had McDonald's breakfast before going back.
Breakfast supreme, $8.95. This is cheap like hell like seriously.
Because Malaysia's big breakfast costs like RM10++ right.
And this is only 9 bucks. Isn't cheap?
This is our big breakfast+pancakes+2 BACONS.
I have no idea why Singaporean kept saying things are expensive, living cost is increasing.

One of the things that touched me is there's pork selling in fairprice, without segmenting it into another space.
It's freaking there. OMG You'll never see this in Malaysia.

That's all for the post! This is a picture-heavy post lol
Because I already spammed instagram yesterday and I haven't done so I did it here.

剛剛在JBT看到一個帖子, 標題是"難過的時候會怎麼做" 之類的.
我會拼命找難過的歌聽, 然後哭.
但是仔細想想, 我好像很久沒有哭了....
比較不會一直很難過, 很想哭.
因為現在很委屈的時候, 有個人可以說話, 可以理解我.
感謝那個姐姐可以很理解我的心情, 可以一起講八卦XDD

說出來嚇死人, 以前在foundation一整年, 班上4,50個人
我只有一個朋友啊哈哈哈哈 而且不是真的很親很親的那種
現在有同學 雖然也是只有一個人哈哈哈哈

That's all for today! 啾咪

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