Monday, June 8, 2015

Good night.

It's the time again.
Feeling like shit, repeating everything everyday, living a repetitive life.
We all have been through this, frankly almost all of us living a repetitive life.
Since the moment we stepped into a school, into the kindergarten, we've started the kind of life.
But recently, I would start to realize how shitty is the life, and really really wanna getaway.
I start to feel like crap lol.

Last weekend I went to Melacca with Esther.
Our motive is to eat, eat and eat.

 *le awkward timer pose*
 *i hate the sun*
 Staying in the air-con room is so much better.

 The food that we ate on first day night and second day.
Personally think this picture is a masterpiece. I like how it focus on the ice cream, while background is just blur. Autofocus by my iPhone 6.

Surprisingly the most delicious food that I've eaten in 2 days, a sushi stall in Jonker street.

Most of the restaurants that are recommended on internet are just meh. Or at least just me lol. I'm kinda picky, especially when you're so famous or buzzing in the internet, you should have something right? But to me, Johor's food are so much better.
The durian cendol is a joke. Sooooo many people queue for it, yet it's just a plain cendol with durian "sauce". Seriously?? We thought there will be real durian in it, but the durian flavour comes from a sauce. After finish it, the durian smell won't linger in your mouth. Soooo I guess that's a plus for people who like keeping their breath fresh but also like eating durian at the same time? Funny.
As for the chicken rice, ermmm. We queued for 20 minutes. I don't like the rice ball because due to squeezing the rice into a ball shape, the rice are not fluffy at all. I can totally understand this, so it's just me myself not liking unfluffy rice. It was okay, not like super delicious. Not a typical Hainan chicken rice though. I don't think Hainan chicken rice serve the chicken with soy sauce, or at least Google images doesn't and my aunties who as Hainanese cooking this doesn't. It's actually plain chicken. I think only 芽菜雞 serves with soy sauce, and I think the one at 嘉洺 did a better job lolll.
Didn't get the chance to eat the satay celup though. I still remember the Ban Lee Siang though. It was quite good.

[Dream like you're going to live forever, live today like you're going to die tomorrow.]
This is what I can interpret from this text. Live today like there's no tomorrow.

I guess I'm getting greedy.
After last week mini getaway, I want more.
I want go to the beach. I miss the beach. :((

Really, really want to go to the beach.

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