Friday, July 31, 2015

I had a dream

Erm, for those who know me enough, or did read my posts in the past, I may or may not mentioned about a tons of times, on how much I wish to go to America.
Nopeeee, I'm still not going soon lol. 
But I went there in my dream today. Oops lol

I took a nap this evening. 
I was soooo tired from the lack of sleep this week.
It's finals week. I woke up at 5am every morning for last minute memorization lol.
But anyways, I had this dream, I went to America.

It felt very very surreal.
I was in a supermarket, people around me were white, black even indiana people lol.
The mall was huge, I was just plain walking around.
I did nothing actually, except walking.
But, it felt so real.
I felt like I'm ACTUALLY in America.

Then I woke up.
Duang, I'm in my room. I'm in Malaysia.
I felt lost and disappointed at the moment.
No joke, for real, I was upset when I woke up.
Why am I still in Malaysia?
I thought I'm in America?!

Hahahaha it's just a random dream.
But I seriously felt upset.
I even post on Facebook lolololol.
'cause I'm seriously seriously seriously upset. :(

I don't know why am I having this random dream.
I don't know when can I actually visit America.
I saw a travel agency's promotion, 10+k for a week or so trip to America.
I don't know how long would it takes for me to save them up.

I hoped I can go before 30.
But by the time I graduated, I'm 22.
Can I save up that much in 8 years or so?
Would I be economically sufficient to go?
Ughhhh :(((((

Can someone give me a ticket to the States for my birthday present??
I'm turning 21 next year. :))
On the first day of lunar new year omg fml.

Ughhhh I can't get the dream out of my head lolol.
I guess I just really really really want to go to America.
I had friend asked me why do I want to go.
Erm I have no idea tbh.
I like how free is the country.
Yes you get judged but at least it's free.
And being in an environment filled with English is my DREAM.
No Singapore please, no. hahahahaa.
I need authentic American English.

I just really really want to go.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Had a mini break from finals, 'cause we have no exam tomorrow. XDDD
But the torture starts again on Friday. :((
So we went out today for karaoke session! I was toooo tired though :(

Beeeeeeen obsessed with 15&'s version of "That XX". All girls making it different with GD's version, it's softer, emotional.

I kept repeating this for 2 days. I really like this version, and I like Park Jimin's voice a lot. :D

heɪ, juː kɛpt pɒp ʌp ɪn maɪ maɪnd riːsntlikæn juː pliːz gəʊ əweɪstɒp pɒpɪŋ aʊt ɛniˈmɔː...

I got sunburnt during my last visit to Desaru...... which is like 2 weeks ago. My skin were so freaking red and itchy and hurtful. Kept applying after sun gel from Sunplay to revive my skin. Thanksfully, the skin weren't peeling, so I get lazy 'cause I've been applying for 1 weeks straight. And now it started peeling in small patches OH MY GOD.
And I'm kinda "traumatized", I finally bought a sunscreen. I finally realized the importance of sunscreen T.T

I'm sooooooo into tattoo stickers recently. I bought them from ebay. They look so surreal that people are actually asking isn't it hurt to get tattoo. Hahahaha they are stickers! My favourite is this "smile".

 When it arrived, I can't even tell what word is this because I bought a few, and I can't remember. Not until I put it on, and realized it's "smile". :)

"Can you feel my hearbeat?" Esther commented this when I put this on instagram lolol. I like it but it's HUGE. People will notice it right away. The diamond above is cute toooo but it is easily wash off.

I like how they are small, not noticeable but when you see it, it's that little something there. I always wanted to get a small tattoo, but ugh I'm REALLY afraid of pain so just get over it. Otherwise I really wanna get a small one on ankle or somewhere else not noticeable. And I want only little word like "stay strong" lololol

This one is pretty too a "live" on the side of hand. She is Elle Fowler, Youtuber, makeup guru. She is now engaged to another Youtuber Alex Goot! Omg I like Alex Goot a lot, he is soooo good-looking hahaha. 

Had a 3 hours nap today, and I still feel tired lolololllll. Once I sat on my seat in the exam hall today, I felt sleepy right away. And I blanked out so much because I was tooo sleepy hahahaha.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I should be really studying right now.
Final exams start tomorrow.
After this week and next Monday, and another take home test, I'm literally freeeeeeeeeee.
I would be so relax after first week's exam, usually. Because left only one subject to go.
But next week's is the hardest subject of the semester, the freaking literature.

Literature is hard. Studying classic English books is hard.
I do read, modern fiction, or I should say teenager fiction. Something you'll never wanna mention in front of your teacher.
I think the most fiction-related book that I've read is "The Fault In Our Star".
Other than that, I read only teenager fictions. Oops.

Oh paper town movie is out! I don't have the book, but according to the movie trailer, I really wanna read the book.
But still, I think the book would be better than the movie. Like TFIOS, book is better than the movie. The movie was awesome, but lack of something, that something you'll only find it in the book.

I bought a few classic literature books at the book fair before, untouched, still perfectly in the plastic bag. I don't have a decent bookshelf, to keep all the books. :(
It's amazing how I would buy them. Because if it's in the past, I'll never ever walk to that alley.
I knew no one than Williams Shakespear. I bet most of us know only him.
But after 2 semesters, I know more authors, who were awesome, and left awesome books.
It's amusing to see the change. From someone who only read teenager friction/romantic fiction, now read classic books. I've read 3 in this semester, and I bet I'll read more in future semesters.

But it's tiring to read them. Unlike modern fiction, you have to know the author's background before reading because most of their works are related to their lives. 3 books that I've read, were written by authors who went through World Wars. After knowing the background, you'll have a better understanding to their works.

I was thinking, what's the point me studying English. All I cared was speaking. Like seriously, I do think my speaking is better than writing. I would cringe so much if I read my essays that I've written in secondary school.
Most of us have better writing skill than speaking, but I think I'm the opposite. :((
Need to improve my writing skill. Me sucks.

Erm I guess I need to get back to study for tomorrow's exam. 뿅~

Saturday, July 11, 2015




我是last minute才能把東西做出來的人哈哈哈哈哈

托同學的福 我們勇敢的和一位女生說話
我那生疏的韓文  她竟然聽得懂
她覺得很神奇 在馬來西亞看到會韓文的人
我覺得更神奇  第一次真正用全韓文和韓國人對話
只是我真的很緊張 不知道要說什麼
同學問我 沒有遺憾了吼?
我說 嗯 謝謝你
因為是她勇敢的去和那位女生 안녕하세요
然後說我會韓文  我們才開始聊天的
好謝謝我的同學  真的沒有遺憾了

一開始我們要走了  我同學說怕我有遺憾
我們才決定走回去  然後是她先去打招呼的
真的超感謝  要不是你的勇敢  我真的會很後悔
很遺憾  明明韓國人在我面前  我卻不敢去說話

진짜 너무 신기했어요~
이렇게 한국사람랑 한국어 으로 대화 하는걸, 저 처음이에요.
너무 반가워요.

今天在試妝 其實我不是化妝組的
我是想要自己化 所以帶了自己的東西去
然後他們也決定讓我自己化 也可以省時間啦
而且有一位指明要我化  明明我們負責化妝的在旁邊XDD
其實心裡暗爽 哈哈哈哈 真的很喜歡化妝啊啊啊
雖然我真的很緊張  然後會化的妝不多  都差不多
曾經的夢啊 現在好像淡了一點點.....
不行  我必須記得我的夢
即使是個不會成真的夢  都必須要記得那個夢
或許以後會有機會追求它  即使可能不會實現
但有夢最美  有夢想的人生才是人生.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


So many things happened recently.
Things are outta control.
The things that you know as fact, it turns out as a lie.
It's not making things serious, it's totally 2 stories.
It's not lying, it's cheating.
I hate people lying to me.

The world is scary.
I realize this truth again.
People are always wearing mask.
You'll never know their true faces,'cause they hide it well in behind the mask.

You treat me as a good friend.
I'll treat you as a good friend too.
There is a trust between people.
Once you break the wall of trust, it's broken.
It takes time to repair it, or never going to be repaired.
The road of repairing is long.
Don't assume people can forgive you so easily.
Even the most forgiving person.

Saying sorry after doing wrong things ain't gonna save everything.
You need to explain, what you've done wrong.
Not apologizing for the sake of apologizing.
You need to know what you've done, before saying sorry.

....I have a sorry needed to say too.
These 2 months are too crazy for me.
Now I wanna do all the final assignments, sit for finals,
then take a rest.
푸우우욱 쉬는다.

One day I went back home from school at 11pm.
I looked up to the TCM building, level 4, as a usual.
It's sad to see the building is all dark, no more lighted level 4.
It's a realization how they've been back to Japan.
I miss them a lot...

I'll overcome it, it just takes time.