Sunday, July 26, 2015


I should be really studying right now.
Final exams start tomorrow.
After this week and next Monday, and another take home test, I'm literally freeeeeeeeeee.
I would be so relax after first week's exam, usually. Because left only one subject to go.
But next week's is the hardest subject of the semester, the freaking literature.

Literature is hard. Studying classic English books is hard.
I do read, modern fiction, or I should say teenager fiction. Something you'll never wanna mention in front of your teacher.
I think the most fiction-related book that I've read is "The Fault In Our Star".
Other than that, I read only teenager fictions. Oops.

Oh paper town movie is out! I don't have the book, but according to the movie trailer, I really wanna read the book.
But still, I think the book would be better than the movie. Like TFIOS, book is better than the movie. The movie was awesome, but lack of something, that something you'll only find it in the book.

I bought a few classic literature books at the book fair before, untouched, still perfectly in the plastic bag. I don't have a decent bookshelf, to keep all the books. :(
It's amazing how I would buy them. Because if it's in the past, I'll never ever walk to that alley.
I knew no one than Williams Shakespear. I bet most of us know only him.
But after 2 semesters, I know more authors, who were awesome, and left awesome books.
It's amusing to see the change. From someone who only read teenager friction/romantic fiction, now read classic books. I've read 3 in this semester, and I bet I'll read more in future semesters.

But it's tiring to read them. Unlike modern fiction, you have to know the author's background before reading because most of their works are related to their lives. 3 books that I've read, were written by authors who went through World Wars. After knowing the background, you'll have a better understanding to their works.

I was thinking, what's the point me studying English. All I cared was speaking. Like seriously, I do think my speaking is better than writing. I would cringe so much if I read my essays that I've written in secondary school.
Most of us have better writing skill than speaking, but I think I'm the opposite. :((
Need to improve my writing skill. Me sucks.

Erm I guess I need to get back to study for tomorrow's exam. 뿅~

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