Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Had a mini break from finals, 'cause we have no exam tomorrow. XDDD
But the torture starts again on Friday. :((
So we went out today for karaoke session! I was toooo tired though :(

Beeeeeeen obsessed with 15&'s version of "That XX". All girls making it different with GD's version, it's softer, emotional.

I kept repeating this for 2 days. I really like this version, and I like Park Jimin's voice a lot. :D

heɪ, juː kɛpt pɒp ʌp ɪn maɪ maɪnd riːsntlikæn juː pliːz gəʊ əweɪstɒp pɒpɪŋ aʊt ɛniˈmɔː...

I got sunburnt during my last visit to Desaru...... which is like 2 weeks ago. My skin were so freaking red and itchy and hurtful. Kept applying after sun gel from Sunplay to revive my skin. Thanksfully, the skin weren't peeling, so I get lazy 'cause I've been applying for 1 weeks straight. And now it started peeling in small patches OH MY GOD.
And I'm kinda "traumatized", I finally bought a sunscreen. I finally realized the importance of sunscreen T.T

I'm sooooooo into tattoo stickers recently. I bought them from ebay. They look so surreal that people are actually asking isn't it hurt to get tattoo. Hahahaha they are stickers! My favourite is this "smile".

 When it arrived, I can't even tell what word is this because I bought a few, and I can't remember. Not until I put it on, and realized it's "smile". :)

"Can you feel my hearbeat?" Esther commented this when I put this on instagram lolol. I like it but it's HUGE. People will notice it right away. The diamond above is cute toooo but it is easily wash off.

I like how they are small, not noticeable but when you see it, it's that little something there. I always wanted to get a small tattoo, but ugh I'm REALLY afraid of pain so just get over it. Otherwise I really wanna get a small one on ankle or somewhere else not noticeable. And I want only little word like "stay strong" lololol

This one is pretty too a "live" on the side of hand. She is Elle Fowler, Youtuber, makeup guru. She is now engaged to another Youtuber Alex Goot! Omg I like Alex Goot a lot, he is soooo good-looking hahaha. 

Had a 3 hours nap today, and I still feel tired lolololllll. Once I sat on my seat in the exam hall today, I felt sleepy right away. And I blanked out so much because I was tooo sleepy hahahaha.

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