Sunday, July 5, 2015


So many things happened recently.
Things are outta control.
The things that you know as fact, it turns out as a lie.
It's not making things serious, it's totally 2 stories.
It's not lying, it's cheating.
I hate people lying to me.

The world is scary.
I realize this truth again.
People are always wearing mask.
You'll never know their true faces,'cause they hide it well in behind the mask.

You treat me as a good friend.
I'll treat you as a good friend too.
There is a trust between people.
Once you break the wall of trust, it's broken.
It takes time to repair it, or never going to be repaired.
The road of repairing is long.
Don't assume people can forgive you so easily.
Even the most forgiving person.

Saying sorry after doing wrong things ain't gonna save everything.
You need to explain, what you've done wrong.
Not apologizing for the sake of apologizing.
You need to know what you've done, before saying sorry.

....I have a sorry needed to say too.
These 2 months are too crazy for me.
Now I wanna do all the final assignments, sit for finals,
then take a rest.
푸우우욱 쉬는다.

One day I went back home from school at 11pm.
I looked up to the TCM building, level 4, as a usual.
It's sad to see the building is all dark, no more lighted level 4.
It's a realization how they've been back to Japan.
I miss them a lot...

I'll overcome it, it just takes time.

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