Friday, July 31, 2015

I had a dream

Erm, for those who know me enough, or did read my posts in the past, I may or may not mentioned about a tons of times, on how much I wish to go to America.
Nopeeee, I'm still not going soon lol. 
But I went there in my dream today. Oops lol

I took a nap this evening. 
I was soooo tired from the lack of sleep this week.
It's finals week. I woke up at 5am every morning for last minute memorization lol.
But anyways, I had this dream, I went to America.

It felt very very surreal.
I was in a supermarket, people around me were white, black even indiana people lol.
The mall was huge, I was just plain walking around.
I did nothing actually, except walking.
But, it felt so real.
I felt like I'm ACTUALLY in America.

Then I woke up.
Duang, I'm in my room. I'm in Malaysia.
I felt lost and disappointed at the moment.
No joke, for real, I was upset when I woke up.
Why am I still in Malaysia?
I thought I'm in America?!

Hahahaha it's just a random dream.
But I seriously felt upset.
I even post on Facebook lolololol.
'cause I'm seriously seriously seriously upset. :(

I don't know why am I having this random dream.
I don't know when can I actually visit America.
I saw a travel agency's promotion, 10+k for a week or so trip to America.
I don't know how long would it takes for me to save them up.

I hoped I can go before 30.
But by the time I graduated, I'm 22.
Can I save up that much in 8 years or so?
Would I be economically sufficient to go?
Ughhhh :(((((

Can someone give me a ticket to the States for my birthday present??
I'm turning 21 next year. :))
On the first day of lunar new year omg fml.

Ughhhh I can't get the dream out of my head lolol.
I guess I just really really really want to go to America.
I had friend asked me why do I want to go.
Erm I have no idea tbh.
I like how free is the country.
Yes you get judged but at least it's free.
And being in an environment filled with English is my DREAM.
No Singapore please, no. hahahahaa.
I need authentic American English.

I just really really want to go.


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