Monday, August 31, 2015

Sabah story prologue.

It's been 2 weeks since my last post.
I did nothing but went to Sabah in this sembreak.

Here's a story.
One friend of mine is Sabahan, she wanted to take us as guide.
In months after we booked the tickets, many things happened.
One of our friend abandoned her ticket, she didn't go afterall.
I chose to go with another Sabahan friend, since things may get awkward there.
I asked for her permission, I really did.
I made sure she didn't do any planning and booking before I tell her my decision.
She was okay, she said okay, case closed.

Few days before us going to Sabah, she said to another friend, that she was upset with us.
Because she did all the planning, yet we didn't go with her.
So now I'm the bad guy, again?
I asked you, you said okay.
That's why I said okay too.
But then you turn your back to another, telling another story?
Oh fucking yeah, now I can see you through.
If you told me honestly, then I can definitely go with your plan.
You are the one who told me it was okay to go separately.
But at the end you were upset, angry at us.

The world is disgusting???
Hey you are the freaking one who made the world disgusting.
You are the one who broke everything.
I do cherish the friendship, I did.
I thought we were good friends.
I was so happy that I gained a group of friends in few months.
I said we were good friends, we will always be there for you.
You said we weren't friends, but sisters.
Now you turn your back and stab us.
Not the first time. Yet pointing fingers at us?
How dare you?

Grow up, girl. You aren't small neither young anymore.
Please, peel off your mask and be a person.
I am so sick of you telling two-sided stories.
Do you know how hypocritical are you?
How can a person who told allllll those lies, still being normal?
How could you?
What's the point of being a two-sided person?
Is it fun? Is it funny to see us hating each other?
You said he pulled us apart, yet you did the same thing.
Disappoint is definitely not enough to describe you.
I actually think you are pathetic, you know?
Killing allll the people around you, yet you two get back together again.
You gained back your relationship, we lost our friendship.
I guess it's a fair game.

Back to my Sabah story.
I ateeeeee so much.
I walkedddddddd so much.
I told to my friend, the amount of walking in two days already reached my quota for half of a year. XDD
We didn't have transport, we relied on our trustworthy feet.
But our friend's father took us to many places too! Out of his busy business, it's so nice of him taking us here and there.
We ate a lot of food, most of them were recommended on a post on Weibo lol.
I was scrolling Weibo as usual one day before we set off, and I saved some pictures down. hahhaa
And when we were there, I realized we were going to the places recommended hahaha.

I went to Tanjung Aru, and it easily becomes my favourite place in Sabah.
The sand on the beach aren't sand, they are like flour!
It's so freaking damn fine, seriously unlike the feeling of sand!
I was so surprised!
And because it's so fine, my feet sunk in easily at the border between sea and beach.

I actually found a lot of pictures to post, so I may write another post tomorrow.
Anddd it will be a picture heavy one!
For now, I'll just post one sunset picture.
I took this with my trustworthy iPhone 6!
It's so breathtaking omg.
The view was amazing.
No wonder it's one of the most beautiful sunset in the world.
And we waited for it for 2 days. We were lucky to catch it on the day that we came back. ^^
Because of the weather, Sabah rains at around 4, that's why we couldn't see it, neither the sun.
But the view, the cloud are amazing enough.
Will post more in the next post.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

我很少追劇了, 所以一直拖.
但是我終於看完了, 現在看著製作人.

看完匹諾曹 其實有很多的想法.
新聞, 一直是人們認為的真實.
網絡傳言很多, 所以我們都會說 等新聞報了才是真的
但是當新聞都被操控了, 我們也就這麼相信了,

匹諾曹病, 真是一個很特別的病.
我在想, 身為匹諾曹患者, 這真的是好事嗎?

我們都說honesty is the policy. 誠實很重要.
但有的時候, 總會說一點謊, 或者善意的謊言.
如果因為匹諾曹病, 而非的說出實話

試想一下, 如果身邊有人生了重病,
不能夠隱瞞而說出來, 繼而造成更大的後果怎麼辦?

不要扯太遠, 說說身邊最容易發生的事情好了.
假設, 一個男生是匹諾曹患者, 
一天, 他的女朋友問他, 我這樣穿好看嗎?
再一個, 情侶走在路上, 女生指著一個美女問, 她很漂亮吧?
男生說不會啊, 就會打嗝. 說會啊, 就是死.
明明這種時候是必須撒謊的, 卻因為這個病而惹女朋友生氣, 

哈哈哈哈哈 我好像想太多了

但是100%的誠實, 好像也不是好事.
因為有些時候, 好像總得撒一些謊,
日子才會過的好一點, 平坦一點.

#helpleejunghee 事件, 也是一個新聞掌控的案例.
我一開始在微博看見的, 這個女人帶著兒子, 非常的可憐,
讀到了他們的遭遇, 真的很可憐, 沒有人要幫助他們,
因為她說 韓國的警察都被控制了而不能幫助她.

過後我在koreaboo的網站上看見, 原來有一個節目 그것이알고싶다
我不知道中文名字叫什麼, wiki也沒有中文版本的頁面.
他們去深入了解這個事件, 原來一切的一切都是lee jung hee的操控, 捏造.
什麼被強姦 事件被壓下來 全部都是假的.

有人說  看了匹諾曹 我不會100%相信報導了.

那個時候不知道什麼意思, 看了這部戲才知道.
그것이알고싶다 報導出來的東西, 真的會全部都是事實嗎?
看了製作人, 也知道剪接是可以讓整個畫面變得不一樣.
所以, 그것이알고싶다 會說100%的真話嗎?

但是我相信這個節目, 我相信他的報導.
 但是不相信的人也很多, 所以, 要自己去判斷了.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


What should I start with.....
Oh yeah I'm on holiday now ^^
3 weeks-holiday!
Always feeling grateful for 3 weeks,
since back then we got only 1 week.

Finished last paper yesterday, it was actually a take-home test.
Where you take the exam paper back, and hand it up the next day.
But I spent 4-5 hours in the library, and finished it.
Sure there will be flaws because it's kinda rush into finishing it.
But you know what, I don't care lol
I tried my best though.
Take-home test ain't that easy tho.
Even with internet, it is still not that easy.
Do not underestimate any open-book or take-home test.
If a lecturer do this, that means they have the confidence.
Even with books and internet, you may or may not able to find all the answers.

I went back to online game hahaha.
It's called Music man online, funny name I know.
It's the "steps" that I used to play, by cubizone.
Now it had changed to music man.
Regardless, I prefer this playing mode.
It's different from SDO.
I used my bro's laptop to play, because I don't think mine can handle it well XDD
Bad thing for Macbook Air, they are not suitable for games.
So I used my bro's as my gaming laptop ^^
I used to play The Sims 4 on it too, until it is broken :(
Damn sad, found and tried solutions online, still cannot be played. :(

I am always thinking what to blog or what to say.
But it turned out nothing.
I live a boring life, and I have a memory that's worse than goldfish.
I tried to blog interesting things instead of spreading negative again.
But at the end my life is bored lol hahahaha.....
But thankfully I don't spread negative again.
Maybe that means I'm not that negative anymore~!

I'm thankful to my friends too.
I'm lucky to have them, and I am impressed with ourselves. lol
I'm surprised how fast did we get close, it's only the second semester haha.
Because I am the super duper passive one.
Unless you come near me, or I'll keep a distance with you.
But as long as you come over, I'll shorten the distance, and I'll open my heart.
But just don't waste my heart. 

I was scrolling Instagram the other day, and saw primary school friend's photos.
She was one of my best friend back then, I swear.
We were so close, we were in the same class,
yet we talked over phone almost everyday.
But secondary school separated us.
Me dropping to poorer class is the main cause I guess.
The competition in school was big, good classes only hang out with good classes.
So many friends of mine were there.
Yet I was here.
I lost them.
But I gained them.
I gained 4 girls who I will love forever.
I lost my result, I gained my bff.
I'm grateful for that.

I'm turning 21 next year.
I wanna ask everyone to write me a letter hahaha.
Write about good or bad, just anything you think about me.
I promise I will not get angry or sad.
I just really wanna know what people think of me. :)
I did it too hahaha.
But mostly my confession to the birthday girl. XD
 I'll make sure I ask around next year ^^