Sunday, August 9, 2015


What should I start with.....
Oh yeah I'm on holiday now ^^
3 weeks-holiday!
Always feeling grateful for 3 weeks,
since back then we got only 1 week.

Finished last paper yesterday, it was actually a take-home test.
Where you take the exam paper back, and hand it up the next day.
But I spent 4-5 hours in the library, and finished it.
Sure there will be flaws because it's kinda rush into finishing it.
But you know what, I don't care lol
I tried my best though.
Take-home test ain't that easy tho.
Even with internet, it is still not that easy.
Do not underestimate any open-book or take-home test.
If a lecturer do this, that means they have the confidence.
Even with books and internet, you may or may not able to find all the answers.

I went back to online game hahaha.
It's called Music man online, funny name I know.
It's the "steps" that I used to play, by cubizone.
Now it had changed to music man.
Regardless, I prefer this playing mode.
It's different from SDO.
I used my bro's laptop to play, because I don't think mine can handle it well XDD
Bad thing for Macbook Air, they are not suitable for games.
So I used my bro's as my gaming laptop ^^
I used to play The Sims 4 on it too, until it is broken :(
Damn sad, found and tried solutions online, still cannot be played. :(

I am always thinking what to blog or what to say.
But it turned out nothing.
I live a boring life, and I have a memory that's worse than goldfish.
I tried to blog interesting things instead of spreading negative again.
But at the end my life is bored lol hahahaha.....
But thankfully I don't spread negative again.
Maybe that means I'm not that negative anymore~!

I'm thankful to my friends too.
I'm lucky to have them, and I am impressed with ourselves. lol
I'm surprised how fast did we get close, it's only the second semester haha.
Because I am the super duper passive one.
Unless you come near me, or I'll keep a distance with you.
But as long as you come over, I'll shorten the distance, and I'll open my heart.
But just don't waste my heart. 

I was scrolling Instagram the other day, and saw primary school friend's photos.
She was one of my best friend back then, I swear.
We were so close, we were in the same class,
yet we talked over phone almost everyday.
But secondary school separated us.
Me dropping to poorer class is the main cause I guess.
The competition in school was big, good classes only hang out with good classes.
So many friends of mine were there.
Yet I was here.
I lost them.
But I gained them.
I gained 4 girls who I will love forever.
I lost my result, I gained my bff.
I'm grateful for that.

I'm turning 21 next year.
I wanna ask everyone to write me a letter hahaha.
Write about good or bad, just anything you think about me.
I promise I will not get angry or sad.
I just really wanna know what people think of me. :)
I did it too hahaha.
But mostly my confession to the birthday girl. XD
 I'll make sure I ask around next year ^^

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