Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keep holding on.

I have a habit,
talking in the car.
Imagine there's an audience listen to me.
I can imagine anyone there, or just a person.
I talked today.
About my fears, with my accent.

I cried. 
I didn't notice how serious is the problem.
Until I started to tear.
I thought that's just a small matter.
It is, it really is.
But I guess I underestimate the importance of "English" in me.
I dug out the importance.
I had the feeling that I felt before,
whenever I couldn't get an A for the English exam.
The anxiousness, the disappointment, the sadness.

I thought it's easy to choose a stand.
American or British.
1 out of 2, simple huh.
But I can't choose between.
A huge part of me wants to hold on American.
A small part of me wants me to give up.
But both equally important.
 And I need to make a decision.

I don't want to throw my effort away.
It's been years, forcing myself into American accent.
I don't want to give up.
It's my dream, my ultimate dream, my FREAKING DREAM.

But I have to accept the truth that this is Malaysia.
And we go with British.
I write in British, I speak in American.
Why can't these two meet a balance?

I wish I can balance them.
But I can't, and I have to make a decision.
It's bothering me so much.
I need to find an exit.
I need to have a talk, I need to find a solution.

And I realized the importance of "English" in me.
I really did.
English means everything to me.
My only proud.
I hate everything part of me, but the English.
It's something I'm proud of.
I need to hold on.
I need to talk.

Monday, September 21, 2015


I'm freaking busy for the past week....
Or just the past weekend. lol

13th September 2015, Sunday.
Hui Woon's wedding.
Me and Eunice were the bridesmaids, out of 9.
 Us 9.
Like seriously, I always know I'm tall.
But I never know I'm THAT tall lololol.

On our way to the dinner.

 The power of the ZR hahahaha.

It was an intense day, andddd freaking tiring.
All of us were so tired during the dinner,
but somehow we drank a lot hahaha.

We ended the morning session at around 12:30++,
and we need to get prepare for the dinner.
There's barely 3 hours of rest in the middle.

The next day, 14th September 2015, Monday.
Our school had a 2-days-long student bazaar.
 We're selling egg crepes, and it's a huge hit!
 Us working damn hard, didn't have time to rest during the lunch hour... 'cause that's the highlight of the day.
 First day working crew.
Second day working crew.
Yes we were wearing the same shirt because that's our society shirt.
Yes I did of course wash the shirt. :D
There's no way wearing a shirt 2 days straight without washing it.

15th September 2015, Tuesday.
After our hard work, we managed to earn some money ;DDDDDDDDD
We had to even go out to refill our raw ingredients!!!
That's such a success!!! We decided to make this a tradition,
we're going to sell this as a tradition of English society. :))

After working, our dear president bought luncheon meat and rice!
I thought they were joking O.O
I guess you should really believe in seniors XDD
 Fried cucumber with egg, seasoned with herbal egg's sauce.
Fried egg crepe.
Pan fried egg-coated luncheon meat.
Fried tomato egg!!!!
It's a protein and cholesterol filled meal. hahahhaha
 And our senior's masterpiece, tuna egg fried rice!

We had a feast XDDDDD
It's so fun to eat together, like a family!

Few days past.
19th September 2015, Saturday.
My mum's side family had a family trip.
We went to Kukup!
My cousin sister in the middle was our organizer~

Girls, please remember I'm your sister. You've called me jiejie for 15 years/10 years.
omg lol hahahahahaha

She wanted to do the pose that T.O.P from Bigbang did. -.-

Was having coffee and milo, and nothing to do......

Yes we had nothing else to do.


That's basically it.
I didn't take much photo for Hui Woon's wedding because
a. I'm so tired.
b. I wasn't familiar with other bridesmaids...
c. There weren't much thing to take...
d. they had TR/ZR, all I had was phone..........T.T

Karaoke, okay it is but the song list is a few years back.
And there's no Korean songs XDDDDD

The only thing is I find the person-in-charge very friendly.
She is always smiling and willing to help us.
The house was in good condition too, even though I can't remember the name XDD
 Seafood wasn't that fresh lolol.
I see my dad stopped eating fish after one bite, then I know what happened.
He said there's "soil" taste in the fish...
I just kept on eating anyways, because I can't taste any XDDD
I'm a maniac for seafood.  ^^

Student bazaar was awesome.
There's people coming back on the second day ^^
There's a girl saw our shirts, recognized us from DOE,
saying our egg crepes was delicious ^^
I like how people bought 1,
and came back again for another. ^^
It's a chef kinda feeling, I love how people like our food, coming back for our food.
We're going to make this dish our trademark!!!!
Let's earn more next time!!!!!!!!!!! lololol


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sabah trip.


I was in Sabah for 4 days, 24th-27th August.
We went to several shopping malls, making my feet sore like hell on the first day lol.
Erm you guys may know that I have goldfish memory, my memory sucks level max.
So I'll focus on food, since that's my main point going there too ^^

First day! We arrived around 9:45am.
Our very first meal in Sabah is Japanese food hahaha.

They are sashimi on the rice! Salmon and erm unknown fish haha. RM22++

We went to a Korean dessert shop too.
I was so jealous of them, having many Korean dessert there.
We don't have one here T.T
We went to Nun Pat 눈팥.

And there are a few choices of bingsu! We chose my favourite, green tea! 녹차빙수!
That's matcha ice cream on top, and red bean mochi at the side.
It's awesome! It tasted extremely matcha, if you get what I mean hahaha.
The flavour is strong, I liked it so much!

We had this too, I don't know what is it called but it's a kind of bread.
I know it looks like bacon though hahaha.
We had cinnamon sugar one, so they rolled this bread on a tray of cinnamon.
It's crispy outside, soft inside, a delicious snack.

As for our dinner, we had seafood!
My friend's dad picked us up and bring us there.
 This is butter crab I believe.
 And this is "甘香" crab.
Each plate of them are 2 crabs, making 1 kg.
And do you know how cheap it is????
FREAKING RM30/KG!!!!!!!!!
I was so damn shocked when I heard the price!
Of course I know Sabah's seafood are cheaper than us, but I thought,
okay it's a lil cheaper than us, don't expect to be extremely cheap.
But hell yeah! This is the extremely cheap!!!!!
Me and another friend went crazy when we heard the price lol
Because here in Johor, we definitely can't get this price AT ALL!
There's no way that you can get crab with RM30!
So we ordered 4 crabs right away lol.

 We went to Signal Hill Observatory  for night view too.
But the view isn't that great, all you can see are buildings, and they covered each other.
Basically can't see much things hahaha. 

The next day! My friend's dad brought us to breakfast toooo.
金興利茶室 for 生肉面.  Kim Hing Lee for pork noodles.
For direct translation, this will be "raw meat noodles".
I was scared when I first heard it toooo hahahahaha
Because I know Korean do eat raw beef, so I'm afraid it's something like that!
But NO! It's pork that is cooked just right, making is so soft and tender.
Like raw meat.
Ermmm in my opinion this is just like any noodles that you can get here in Johor.
But what special about it is there's intestines inside, which I love ^^

Later we walked around at the Gaya Street.
There are a lot of special local products, to foreigner.
To us, we can get most of them here hahahahahaha.
But I did buy a dried pineapple because I never seen it before here, and it's good!
I saw a lot of things packaged with orang hutan, or monkeys, or natives's pictures, making them Sabah's special.
But they are just basically things that you can get all around Malaysia hahah!
After walking around, we had lunch at Yee Fung.
Their specialty foods are claypot chicken rice, laksa and offal, intestines of beef 牛雜湯
Since we weren't tooo hungry, and one of us don't eat beef, so we tried the other two.
Erm I guess the lime making it a lil special from ours hahaha.
But the lime did make wonder, giving a special taste to it.
 Le claypot chicken rice.
Okay this is totally different. I guess I never seen this dish with vegetables on top,
moreover an egg!
We both from Johor were surprised hahahahaha.
We broke the not-fully-cooked egg and mix together.
But I didn't like it, the egg making the rice wetter, and I didn't like it. :(

After lunch, my friend's dad picked us up again, brought us to Tanjung Aru!
He dropped us at Shangrila resort, so we walked around it lol.
Then we walked to the beach, which I looked forward the most!

My view lololol.
We just stopped at a random shade, and sat and talked.

The wind was soooo comfortable! I have a thing about beach ^^

We then walked a lillllll bit moreeeeee to a foodcourt to rest.
We two shared the avocado drink, it's so damn thick.
This was actually my first time trying avocado drink, I only used avocado as mask before XDD
It's thick, almost like peanut butter, and even tasted like it! I liked it! :)
We had some satay, which is like a must-have here because most of the stalls are selling it.
Then we proceed to the most looking forward tanjung aru beach!
We sat at the bar by the beach, and this is mojito.
We wanted to wait for the sunset, but uncle picked us up because he didn't want to get stuck in the traffic.
So we left earlier, and didn't get the chance to see it.
But before we left, we did walk a bit.
The sand were so damn fine! Like flour!
I'm not joking, it's really that fine!
We saw a jelly fish lololol. And we thought it's alive.

But the beach was filled with this. Lil sand ball made by CRABS.
We saw little crabs pushing the sand from the hole, making it this.
Imagine they are 3D rounded sand balls, and you're stepping on it making it flat.
I thought I get Trypophobia from it lololol
密集恐懼症! 整個太噁心! 一粒一粒 滿滿整個沙灘都是! 走到哪裡就踩到哪裡!!!!!!

Third dayyyyyyy we had breakfast in hotel. 
And then we started our walking journey and eating time!
Takoyaki! This was special because there were 3 flavours: original, spicy and wasabi.
We tried this wasabi and it's yummy!
And it's cheap too, 3 balls as one unit, RM3.9!

We walked around more, and had simple lunch.
I think this was cheap too! Salmon belly for RM9!
It's soft  *^_^*

Andddd we proceeded to another shopping mall hahahaha
I don't even remember the names because I was tired from walking and I'm just happy that we get aircon lol.
 Since it's Wednesday, I must have baskin robbins!
I always get them if there's baskin robbins around and it's Wednesday ^^
Otherwise it's too expensive to me.
Baskin robbins in Sabah is RM1 expensive than ours, or else its price has increased and I didn't know hahaha
RM8 for a junior scoop in Sabah, and I believe our are RM7.

We walked, walked, walked and walked.
We walked past this Italian stall few time until we really bought something hahaha.
Spinach quiche! Erm I guess it's alright, too creamy to me. 
I got a snack called bread tongue and it's yummy!
Crispy and a lil spicy, it's gooooood.

We had our dinner at Sin Kee bah kut teh 新記肉骨茶.
I never had bah kut teh with meatballs inside though O.O

We continued our walking journey.... oh my poor legs T.T
Walked to a graffiti place.

Later we wanted to go the October Cafe, but it's closed T.T
Sooo we went to the other, which is just right opposite of it lol

I had green tea latte, and I thought there'll be 3D latte art.....
I didn't see the RM2 for the art.....
But I'm happy for Pikachu anyway! Pikka pi, pikachu!
Cheeseeeeeee cakeeeeee.

Serious like hell. And I started to think the chess looks like a peanut snack that we'll eat during Chinese New Year lolololol.

Later our another friend joined us....
And this masterpiece was made. Hahahahaha!

We sat there for amost 3 hours! And customers come and go, but we were still there lol.
Tiny weeny affogato.

The last day T.T
While we were preparing going out hahahahahaha.

At Wiya chicken rice, 味雅雞飯.
Unlike your typical kopitiam, we had to actually order at a counter, pay,
sit and they will deliver the food to us.
I guess that's new, because we had to pay first and order at a counter.
It looked pretty with the triangular cone shaped rice.
Tastewise.... my aunts make much more better hainamese chicken rice.....
because they are hainamese.... hahahaha!

After this, uncle sent us to the October cafe! Thankfully it's open ^^

We sat "upstairs", which is actually a half floor in the shop.
I think it's brilliant because since the shop has a high ceiling, why not making it a half floor?
But it's damn low, I guess around 160cm high.

There's a funny story here.
I ordered long black, and actually I didn't know what's that lolololol.
I wanted to have americano, but I want something stronger.
And I think long black seems stronger XDD
When the staff brought it up, he said americano with extra shot.
And we said we didn't order it. Mine is long black.
So he went back down, and came up again.
Yeah this is the long black.
Don't blame me, he didn't know what's a long black tooooo hahahahaha.

 Honey toast. Toasted grain bread, whipped cream, nuts and honey on top.
Blueberry cheese cake and ... chocolate cake hahaha!
Both okay, nothing impressed.

Sat there for a while, and finally we went to tanjung aru again!
This time we had to see the sunset!!!!!
Ughhhh damn glooomy.
Then it rained damn heavy....... T.T
Margarita. I thought this was my drink at first......
Turned up this was mine lol. Tequila sunrise. Tasted like coughing syrup T.T
I was laughing at my friend at first, since we thought wrong.
Due to raining, the staff ran to deliver the drinks and didn't tell us which was which.
To make sure we got the right drink, I googled the drinks.
Bang, we got wrong. So I got this coughing syrup hahahahahaha.

 The rain decreased and the sun started to set! Omg I was impressed with my phone lol.

 China people got serious and brought their tripod along omg hahaha.
 This gang of people all wore blue raincoat... and my friend said they're like penguins.... hahahaha!
Panorama gone wrong hahaha! I did not combine two pictures!
This is a panorama picture.. it doesn't look like one I know hahaha.

C @ Sabah. I'm Chua, and my friend is Chai, so we're Cs!

 Again, I love my phone!
 It's a heart cloud!!!!

OMG This is my favourite picture!!!!
My friend nudged me and told me there's a heart cloud!
And I saw this couple taking photos with their tripod.
I snapped them in, making a couple with heart cloud in a picture.
And I think it's beautiful.....^^

A last one before we leave.

 If we focus on faces, we can't get the beautiful sky.
To get the sky, I had to keep tapping on the sky, and snap. Keep repeating because the camera will focus on faces automatically.

We then had our last meal there. The chinese restaurant looks like super expensive because it's tourists area... especially rich China tourists.
I asked how much is the crab, in Malay, I think the Malay girl was surprised lol.
I spoke with my fastest Malay everrrr hahahahaha!
She said, RM40/KG, and 4 crabs make 1KG.
So we got crabs too.
Hello?? RM40 is also damn cheap one okay?? Why do you sound like it's expensive hahah!
Dry butter crab! The one we had on the first day was wet butter, and this is dried, highly recommended by our friend!
They were small, yes. But they gave us all 4 female crabs!

Had a fullll dinner, then uncle brought us to airport, which was only 3 minutes away hahahahahahahaha!
 Landed in Senai at 11:45pm.

I had a blast in Sabah! We ate so much!
Yes we didn't go anywhere except shopping malls.
People were asking did I go here and there, no.
But I'm happy anywhere. I told my friend before, I don't like going to tourists places because there will be a lot of people!

One thing I notice in Sabah is, I can't differentiate whether they are Malay, aboriginal, or Philipino!
OMG they all speak same! Their Malay is definitely different with us.
And there are soooooooooooo many China tourists!
We went into a shop, a staff asked us, "Malay boleh?"
"Boleh, kita Malaysianlah!"
Then she said sorry for misunderstood hahahahahaha.
Seriously I didn't see much local Chinese, all I see was CHINA TOURISTS.
We saw a group of girls who look like Korean though, but then they spoke,
DANG China people hahahaha.

I definitely want to return to Sabah in future if possible.
I want to see the real sunset, with the sun! hahahahaha
And I want to stay at the beach a lil longer, step on it a lil longer.
So damn fine..... I didn't have a container to bring it back though.... T.T

Thank you so much to our friend, Eunice for bringing us here and there!
And her dad for fetching us tooooo! Next time you come Johor I treat you bitter gourd soup ah ^^

It was a fun 4 days!!!! *^_^*