Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hi November.

It's a new month again.
Hello November.
Few weeks later will be the death of mine.

The last 2 months of 2015. The year passes so fast.
I started my degree life in January, and now it's been 10 months.
WOAH. I didn't even noticed that.

It's also the time again, SPM hahahahaha.
Every November and March, my old post about SPM result got dig out again and again.
OMG the poor result got dig out again and again T^T
There's seriously no point searching for this kind of post when it's exam time or result time lol.

I like the new feature of Facebook, oh actually it's quite old by now, the memories.
Sometimes I found it annoying, keep sending me notifications of memories, and I don't really wanna review all that stupid and idiot statuses that I've posted in past....
But it also reminds me of all the precious photos that we've taken, and also the statuses about us hahaha.
5EA1 always remain in my heart!!!!!!

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