Saturday, November 28, 2015


There's a confessions page appeared in our school. When it was opened, I was like, FINALLY!!! We see UTAR confessions allllll the time, and now finally we have our own Southern Confessions.

But after few months of the opening, the page wasn't active lol. I guess we still haven't get used to this kind of page huh? The confessions posted were something that you'll just read and forget... nothing big enough to put it in mind.

Until few days ago. I think it's Tuesday this week, a post appeared. And that post changed the game totally.
It was an attack-tive post. Of course the name wasn't written, but our school is so damn small, like 2k+ or 3k students only. It's actually quite easy to narrow down the range and find the person. Because the poster will describe the person, like what society or activity he/she took part in, and that's a huge clue.
The particular post was towards an emcee, who emceed in English. Alright the range is so damn freaking small. In our school, there's only 3 people who emcee in English, and 3 of them are from our department, of course.
The next post narrowed down again, or actually already pointed the person. Because mentioned that's a girl, who carried branded bags and doing volunteering work.....
There's only one person who match the description.

The next day, I asked my president, "did you see the confessions page?" She did, and she said we should just keep quiet and do nothing.
Uhm... the reason that I asked the question wasn't that I want to say something. By any perspective, I have no stand to speak. And even though EVERYONE knows who the person is, the name wasn't mentioned afterall. If we come out and say something, that's a damn stupid move. I just asked her simply for gossip reason lololol.

Then in class, she showed the posts to our lecturer, I think he knew who it is right away tooooo. It's just..... too obvious.

Later that day, a girl who drove Kancil banged a Myvi when she was reversing. She posted that on our school facebook page, asking the owner to see and talk. She apologized too in the post. The comment section is filled with compliments. "so brave to admit your mistake" "this is the kind of students that we need in southern" "you should be the role model"
Because there are toooo many incidents or people scratching others' cars deliberately in these 2 weeks. You can see posts everyday, yet no one admit and apologize, again of course.
So when this case happened, people are complimenting her, treating her like a hero. I thought that too. Because there's too many cases happened recently.

Then the next day, or later that day, I don't really remember. The confessions page stirred the things up again. Someone posted that the girl apologized because the incident happened in front of our big hall. And that's the right middle of the road, and everyone will see it if incident happened, because beside it is our main building, and there's a TCM building nearby, and hostelers may pass by when they come out from the hostel.
They said she apologized because there were too many people witnessed the incident, and she for sure can't run away from it. So she apologized.
There's not only one post regarding to this, but a few. Then there's posts that defend the girl. Then there's post saying cyber bullying. "What if the girl commit suicides after seeing the posts?" "if she do so, she's too immature for dying over this kind of things" "stop being keyboard warrior, come out and say with your real name" "this page should be closed" "if someone commit suicide over this page, will the owner bear the responsibility?" "this is the worst confessions out of all schools" "you can tell a school's students' quality based on their confessions page" "southern students have no quality"

Because I saw the word cyber bullying, I stopped reading and started to recall the case that happened in me. Few years back then....
I read my post, I read the comments. I think I wrote 2 or 3 post regarding to that. And there's some comments popping out, someone who I still don't know until today. Hey if you anonymously helped me, please let me know who you are lol. The one who comment in Chinese. And to the person who "cyber bullied" me, please don't come back lolololol.

Anyways, I couldn't finish reading all the comments that left by the person. Because I felt so hurt in my chest. To be honest I wouldn't consider this as cyber bullying. Because the person was expressing his opinions, so am I. But both of us were expressing in an very aggressive and sarcastic way. It's like 2 people who hated each other for 20 years, and forced to speak. So I'll try to find the flaws in your speaking, so that I can attack you. And I was very into words war, I like to fight.

Back to this car incident case. Is it cyber bullying? I would say yes, definitely, absolutely. She apologized for what she did wrong, she admitted her wrong. Case closed.
But people starting to come out and try to change the truth. Because of one post, there were more posts agreed to the first one. And the situation changed 180 degree.
At first, people were complimenting her, saying she is brave. Few hours later, they say because she couldn't run away from it.
That means that if the incident happened in somewhere not obvious, the girl will run away and pretends nothing happened. This kind of statement is insulting the girl. You don't even know her, how can you judge her base on this single incident?

This is definitely cyber bullying. So as the first case that I mentioned, my senior's case.
I don't know why people suddenly to be so aggressive and so into picking flaws of others. Let's not talk about the serious outcome, like commit suicide.
If the victims fell into depression? Will you be responsible for it? You will not, you will run away because all the posts are anonymously posted.
I didn't get depression, but my mood definitely got affected. I was very emotional for few days.
It's finals week very very soon, why would you want to affect the girl? She didn't nothing wrong afterall.
What will others think about the victim that get attacked on the confessions page? Southern is really very small, what if when she just walking, and people started to point fingers at her? And that will lead to depression, if she didn't have a strong heart. 

Stop cyber bullying. Stop hiding yourself behind the computer, and posting anonymously. I saw the music video of Show Lo, 夠了. Now you're one of the keyboard warrior, but you'll be the next very soon. 將心比心, 如果不想變成被攻擊的人, 不要先攻擊別人. 你永遠不知道什麼時候輪到你被攻擊. 

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