Thursday, December 3, 2015

Althea haul~~~

Since I stopped buying things from ModBox, it's been soooo long for a beauty-related post.
Well I always wanted to be a beauty blogger, but there's 3 reasons that I can't be one.
1. I'm not pretty.
2. I have no money.
3. I'm ugly and poor.

Because of these 3 reasons, I seriously can't be a beauty blogger lol.
I don't have all the money to buy so many things.
The only beauty-related thing that I bought a lot is nails product lol.
Anyways, I shopped at this website called Althea.
It's a website based in Korea, and everything are sent from Korea directly!
New sign-ups get RM15 off discount, and you'll get free shipping for orders above RM150.
But since it's holiday seasons now, free shipping is now for orders above RM100!
And there's a coupon called XMAS-MY, which is RM20 off for orders above RM150!
I used this coupon and new sign-ups discount, I got RM35 off in total!
I think it's a great bargain!!!! Just type in the coupon at the checkout.

Sooooo, I placed my order at the night of 26-11-15, and I received the package today!
It takes only 7 days! Woohoo it's very fast~!

So excited to finally get this! I love how the whole thing is in pink, it's super girly.
And the reindeers and santa in snow, it's Christmas season!
The box is redesigned to match the seasons now. I love the design!
This is actually your receipt. I like how they put heart in doing this,
because most of the websites just fold the paper in half and throw it in.
Merry Christmas!!!
I bought 5 items and got 2 freebies oh yeah! One mask from Etude House, and an essence I believe, from Innisfree. The mask is great, I just bought it recently and thinking of repurchase this particular mask. It's so awesome for getting this!

First thing first, this is called 馬油, which is "horse oil", because it contains the ingredient horse oil. It's a cream.  [RM46]
It looked thick, but it's actually quite lightweight and easy to spread over the face.
It actually smells like grapefruit... I don't know why hahahha! It's "sealed" with a film as shown. But the film actually just sit on the tub, you don't have to peel it off, just take it off haha.

 Because there's so many fake ones out there, the one I bought is from Claire's Korea I believe. I think there's 2 huge company producing this, I once read articles about this hahaha.
So there's the code where you can scan to see if this is genuine through their app.
I downloaded the app and scanned, surprised to see Girin appeared hahaha. Anyways it's a genuine product. :D

Next thing is my favourite sleeping mask from Laneige. It repackaged recently and raised the price. T.T It was RM100 for 80ml tub, it's now RM110 for this 70ml tub. Why oh why T.T 
But on Althea, it's only RM77!!!! But few days later I saw this at RM69 on Hermo.......
Oh the spatula also redesigned, and the previous one is a white-coloured, and this is in clear. 

 Next is rice mask from Skinfood! This is a scrub instead of a mask actually.  [RM26]
There are a lot of small particles, so when you massage on your face, you're actually scrubbing your face. It should be massaged for 10-15 minutes on dry face. Then wash it off.

So that's all for the skincare part. Now let's move on to makeup~~~~
First is this fresh fruit lip&cheek trio from Skinfood. I bought this in number 1, orange. I'm very into orange and coral/peach colour recently. I'm off the age of pursuing pink...  [RM22]

Swatched on my hands. Erm I think it's not very blendable. I tried apply this on my lips using fingers, and the colour can't be blended well. But I think it can be a great blush, with using a sponge or beauty blender may be great.

Here's the funny thing about this. I knew this is small, I read the reviews on the website. But when I see it, it's so damn small!! Everything else is packaged individually in bubble wraps, but this is in with the horse oil hahaha. Lemme show you how small it is.
 The mask is your regular sized mask. And it's so smallllll.
It's so small on my palm XDDD

Also I didn't know how to open this product fml. I though it's like normal products, open the lid. So I was trying to open this while fearing breaking my nails. After 2 minutes, I searched online and found out you just need to push the product out hahaaha. fml fml fml.

Uh uhmmm, let's move on to the last product!!
Saemmul real tint from The SAEM.  [RM10]
I bought this in colour 1, red. The reason why I bought this, is actually because this is the cheapest lip product on the website. XDD
It's actually not true red, but more like a rose red. And I think it stains very well. I used cotton pad and Biore makeup remover, the oil one, and can't remove it all. I then used a scrub to scrub it, it finally removed most of the product but it left a faint stain on my hand hahahaha! But this is what a lip tint should do! Stain well on lips. 
My favourite Etude House lip tint don't stain well, they go off very easily. But I love their colour, so I repurchased it when I lost it in school... lol

Annnnd that's it for the haul! I spent RM146 in total after RM35 off!
But I think it's a great deal as some of them are very affordable and already cheaper than in Malaysia!
And this website do carry some product that we can't get in Malaysia. For example we don't have the brand The Saem here.

I guess that's all for this haul post. I have no idea when will be my next beauty-related post.... 
But until next time, biong!

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