Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I always wonder, are there really people reading my blog?
There's clicks that I can see from the dashboard, but I have no idea where they come from hahaha.

There's one point I wanted to be real blogger.
But I gave up pretty soon.
I don't always have ideas to write, I don't have pretty pictures to post,
I don't have perfect grammar to write.
So instead, I'll keep this as a diary, as someone is reading, and keep on writing.
Like how I did with my speaking: imagine there's someone listening, and speak.

I'm turning 21 in 3 weeks. Or 2?
2 weeks. 
Damn it scares me.
"Am I going to live like this anymore?" Sometimes I think.
But I just think, I never action.
I imagined my future, but I never take action to realize it.
I'm a happy-go-lucky person. I don't wanna change, I don't wanna plan a lot for the future.
Plans do change, and I learned it in hard way. I've learned enough to know that.
So I just go with the flow. Whatever my life want me to be, I'll just do it.
It's like my life is controlling me, instead of me controlling it.
Have you ever played The Sims?
I think I'm like that now.
I have high will, which means I can do anything I wanna do.
And there's no one giving instructions. No one is clicking anything for me to do.
I can do anything I wanna do, thus I always do random thing.
I don't focus on a thing to upgrade my skills, I don't do things to improve my result.
I will just stand there, and do nothing, and just look around.
If you're a Simmer, you'll have the picture of what I'm talking about.

Do I wanna live forever with this body? No I don't.
I should do something, I can do something.
But I don't.
I know I should change, but I don't.

Just like writing this. I wanna do something, yet I don't know what that something is.
I wanna improve my grammar so badly, but I don't read.
I want to know more vocabularies, yet I looked down and laughed at the China student's way, memorizing the dictionary.
To be honest, that may be the best way to have a lot of vocabs, even though you may not know how to use them.
I wanna change my living style. But I can't even do the simplest and the most basic thing: sleep earlier.

I have so many things to do, I do know how to start with.
But there's something living in my blood, flowing to my whole body with the blood,
If I can change this single thing, I may or may not be a better person.
But the laziness has planted to deep in me. 어떻게?

It's like I'm doing new year resolution here hahaha.
I want to have a goal this year: learn Japanese.
I want to learn to write and read Japanese, even though I may not understand a word at all.
Oh nonono, I do understand some. fooooooooooood.

*finger crossed* I wanna be a better human.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

High School Musical Happy 10th Birthday.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to High School Musical, happy birthday to you!

It's been 10 years since the first movie of High School Musical series. If you didn't know this before, HSM is a three-install movie, it's a singing-dancing movie. It's the best DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) everrrrrrrrr, says in the record.
And if you didn't know this before, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL WAS MY CHILDHOOD. LITERALLY. 
When people asked me how to improve English, I always says watch TV more. But when asked what do you watch?
High School Musical is what I watch the most. Even though Glee have like 6 seasons, and let's says it has 20 episodes per season, making it totaling 120 episodes.
HSM have 3 installment, and I bet I've watched more than 120 times in total. No matter it's on TV, or from the DVD, I've watched tooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Until I can remember all the lines.
I was rewatching HSM3 last week with my little cousin sister---who brought me into the HSM world. I think the last time I watch HSM3 was like months ago. And I've reduced the times I watch it drastically---from like at least once every month to like 1 time half an year. But I'm surprised to find myself to still remember the lyrics! I don't have to think, the lines just come out naturally.

10 years ago, I was 11. My little cousin who was 6 at the time, was watching TV. She was singing along to the Disney Channel. I took a look, it was papa Bolton and mama Montez, and I thought they were husband and wife hahaha!
My cousin's singing caught my attention, "what is she singing exactly?" After seeing ti few times, I finally got the chance to see the full singing video. It was "breaking free". To be honest I don't remember how I felt, was it amazed? Was it tapping along to the rhythm? I don't remember anything. But I know, this was the start of something new. (bad pun clap)

The next thing I remember is, my mum bought me the DVD of HSM when we're in Genting Highlands. Perhaps I've already into HSM, so she bought the DVD for me? Again, I don't remember hahaha! But I do remember, I watched it with PS2 right away once we get back into hotel room.
And there's what everything started..... a road that you can't take a u-turn.

A year later, HSM2 was out. I didn't like this movie as much as previous one. Until now, it's still my least like one. But I started to buy merchandise of HSM.... pencil case and coins bags. I've used them throughout my secondary school year.. no lies.
I kinda regret that I don't have anything from HSM1 though.

One more year later, HSM3 came out on 24th October 2008. I watched it few days after it's premiere. And I still remember the movie was released earlier here in Malaysia than in the US because of the time differences. What they did was release it on 24th worldwide. I wanted to watch it on D-day, and we went to the cinema. But before it we went to dinner. After dinner. my dad called to the cinema office to book tickets. I didn't know that we can book through phone calls though lol. Or just to ask if there's still empty seats.
I was so excited on that day. When I was in school, all I can think whole day was "oh yes I'm going to watch HSM on the day it premiere!!!!!!!!"
But I didn't get to watch it, because that night was fullllll.
But few days later, we went to Genting Highlands, so for sure I watched it there hahaha! I still remember I bought the soundtrack before going into the cinema. I didn't have anything to play the CD though, so we only look at the lyrics after watching the movie hahaha!

I've bought sooooo many things from HSM3. I literally spent hundreds and hundreds on them. I still remember one time we went to Tebrau Jusco, and my dad gave us money. I don't remember how much exactly I got, but slightly over RM100 I guess. I spent all of them on HSM things in Harris. And I didn't even dare to show them what i bought hahahahahahahahaha. But for sure they found out, and I got scolded lol. Because my brother didn't spend any but I spent all I had. But I regret nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Years later, it's 2016 now. I was so damn shocked when I saw the #HSM10 hashtag. Like really? It has been 10 years???? 10 years ago something new started in me, and it has inspired me ever since. I can't even count how much essays I've written about HSM in school. Do you know what is scholastic decathlon? I didn't know either. But this was something happened in HSM1, so I've written it in, and I like how it is pronounced hahaha.
How about the word "peer pressure"? I didn't know either! But HSM2 had taught me that. Do you know what's the biggest/longest English word? I didn't know either. But in one edition of HSM2, I learnt that the longest word is a word started with p-, but I don't remember the whole word hahahahahaa. And I can't find the edition of HSM2 anymore, I've been Googling it for 20 minutes and no results. It play the movie as usual, but there's little pop up annotation in screen to explain or give a little hint on scenes.

High School Musical had taught me so much. I know I said this a lot, but HSM is indeed my inspiration, my everything.

Happy birthday High School Musical. I'll celebrate more and more 10 years in future with you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


3:44am. Just finished watching a Korean drama, "Mask" 假面 가면. Ermmmmm I always get inspired and a lot of thinking coming in after finished a drama. Well not all but most of them. I watched another one last week, "上流社會". I felt nothing but nothing is possible to happen in real life lololol. "The Heirs" did so much better on the rich people's life. What should be the correct word for 재벌? Even Google translate can't answer my question hahahahaha.

"You won't get happiness when you're wearing a mask". I'm kinda skeptical on this. I do think, for the sake of everyone's happiness, you may need to wear a mask, to cover the true you.

Oh I was so shocked when I looked up on the actors. Their age... unbelievable hahaha. I have a habit, which I always look up on the wikipedia page of the drama after I finished watching them. I check on the actors, the ratings and the ost. OST really plays a huge role in drama. One point that Korean drama are so popular is because of the ost. The songs are played on the right point, to enhance the emotion and the ambiance. Thus there are so many songs get huge and popular after featuring in a drama. I'm still loving the songs from "Yong Pal". And I will definitely rewatch that drama again. It's my favourite drama in 2015, for sure.

A week till the whole new semester, I can't wait for it! When things are getting down and crossed off, I feel awesome! I know I wrote about this in the last post but I just really really really wanted to express my excitement. :D

Getting 21 real soon. And no, I will not hold a huge party like everyone else. :D
I don't see the need.... 'cause I have a small circle of friends. And I'm not sure did I mention it here, but as for the age of 21, we eventually have different groups of friends---either from work or school. The groups and groups may not know each other at all. Why make the bother of calling everyone and gather totally strangers together, when things may get awkward because they don't know each other and there will be obvious awkward aura around. While as the star of the party, the birthday girl have to walk around a lot and accompany different groups of friends. I don't like this. Thus, what I will prefer is having meals with different group of friends separately, not together. With this, I can take care of all the people who present.
But well, this is only what I prefer, doesn't mean that I will do that hahaha. Who to blame when my birthday always fall on Chinese New Year? Hahaha so I never really celebrate with friends.

It's 4:02 am now. I think I really need to sleep. Was back to Negeri Sembilan with mum and aunts, I am super duper lack of sleep right now but insisted to finish the drama because I dragged the process yesterday hahahah. I was supposed to finish it yesterday but.... yeah lol.
Till next time, toodles~!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Helloo 2016

It's been a few post since I last wrote in English. It's also been a while since I last sat down, and write properly. Well the post about cyber bullying was the only one that I really write properly.
But I can't seems to sit still and type hahaha. I was going through Facebook, chats and Google hahaha.
Oh I extremely love the playlist right now, even though there's only 2 songs hahaha! But they are my favourite right now, and I keep playing them on my phone too.

I am very excited for the new semester! I already have a list of things to do, and I know it's going to be a hectic week. For the first time in forever, I have things to be done in the first week of the semester, and the things are already confirmed in the previous semester! LOL! I love how things are confirmed and waiting for me to cross them off! :D
Thinking of them already makes me excited! :D:D:D Because I extremely hate when things aren't confirmed, and there will be changes. So when things are 100% confirmed, they excites me hahaha!

Every time when I think about I'm going to be in my second year this year, the fact shocks and scares me. It's like I'm going to graduate soon! The foundation year seems so long, but degree year passed way too fast. Unlike foundation, I hold a position in the board of English society, but I didn't done anything and this new semester is going to be my last sem on board. I'm like a huge vase hahahaha.

I wanted to change myself. That's why I agreed to help my friend in the 30 Hours Famine activity. The fact that I know no one else than my DOE family and foundation friends kinda scares me. I've been in this college for.... third year now. And I don't know anyone from other department. As always, I live in my class, my department.
Since primary school, all my friends are from the same class. I don't know much people from other classes. In secondary school, my friends from other classes were actually my primary school friends, or friends of friends. I didn't manage to make new friends hahaha. There were chances to make new friends, but I never hold the chance and I chose to stay in my little shell.
Now it's the time to get out from the shell. I can't live like this anymore, hahaha.

I'm not making new year resolutions this year... why bother? Never remember and fulfill them anyway lol. But the only thing is I really hope I can get out from my little shell! Go out and explore, stop being alone. :D

New year in a month! I'm going to my one of my favourite places! Hahaha I'm finally legal to be in casino, and I'm going to Genting Highlands! Awww the hotel price is scary... It's on promotion now, so when I checked few days before new year, they were cheap like shit. Never seen this cheap before. But then when it's new year day, damn they were expensive as hell. I said let's don't go this time, but my parents know how much I wanted to go lol because I've been saying this few months ago hahahahaha! I'm very curious on the casino! I know I look old enough to go but I wanted to wait till I reach the legal age.
So they insisted to go, thus I booked the hotel. Before I clicked on the checkout button, I asked a few times are you sure? But they insisted lol. So here we go! I'm going to spend my first day of Chinese New Year in Genting Highland! Can't wait to be in the casino hahahahahaha!