Tuesday, January 12, 2016


3:44am. Just finished watching a Korean drama, "Mask" 假面 가면. Ermmmmm I always get inspired and a lot of thinking coming in after finished a drama. Well not all but most of them. I watched another one last week, "上流社會". I felt nothing but nothing is possible to happen in real life lololol. "The Heirs" did so much better on the rich people's life. What should be the correct word for 재벌? Even Google translate can't answer my question hahahahaha.

"You won't get happiness when you're wearing a mask". I'm kinda skeptical on this. I do think, for the sake of everyone's happiness, you may need to wear a mask, to cover the true you.

Oh I was so shocked when I looked up on the actors. Their age... unbelievable hahaha. I have a habit, which I always look up on the wikipedia page of the drama after I finished watching them. I check on the actors, the ratings and the ost. OST really plays a huge role in drama. One point that Korean drama are so popular is because of the ost. The songs are played on the right point, to enhance the emotion and the ambiance. Thus there are so many songs get huge and popular after featuring in a drama. I'm still loving the songs from "Yong Pal". And I will definitely rewatch that drama again. It's my favourite drama in 2015, for sure.

A week till the whole new semester, I can't wait for it! When things are getting down and crossed off, I feel awesome! I know I wrote about this in the last post but I just really really really wanted to express my excitement. :D

Getting 21 real soon. And no, I will not hold a huge party like everyone else. :D
I don't see the need.... 'cause I have a small circle of friends. And I'm not sure did I mention it here, but as for the age of 21, we eventually have different groups of friends---either from work or school. The groups and groups may not know each other at all. Why make the bother of calling everyone and gather totally strangers together, when things may get awkward because they don't know each other and there will be obvious awkward aura around. While as the star of the party, the birthday girl have to walk around a lot and accompany different groups of friends. I don't like this. Thus, what I will prefer is having meals with different group of friends separately, not together. With this, I can take care of all the people who present.
But well, this is only what I prefer, doesn't mean that I will do that hahaha. Who to blame when my birthday always fall on Chinese New Year? Hahaha so I never really celebrate with friends.

It's 4:02 am now. I think I really need to sleep. Was back to Negeri Sembilan with mum and aunts, I am super duper lack of sleep right now but insisted to finish the drama because I dragged the process yesterday hahahah. I was supposed to finish it yesterday but.... yeah lol.
Till next time, toodles~!

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