Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Helloo 2016

It's been a few post since I last wrote in English. It's also been a while since I last sat down, and write properly. Well the post about cyber bullying was the only one that I really write properly.
But I can't seems to sit still and type hahaha. I was going through Facebook, chats and Google hahaha.
Oh I extremely love the playlist right now, even though there's only 2 songs hahaha! But they are my favourite right now, and I keep playing them on my phone too.

I am very excited for the new semester! I already have a list of things to do, and I know it's going to be a hectic week. For the first time in forever, I have things to be done in the first week of the semester, and the things are already confirmed in the previous semester! LOL! I love how things are confirmed and waiting for me to cross them off! :D
Thinking of them already makes me excited! :D:D:D Because I extremely hate when things aren't confirmed, and there will be changes. So when things are 100% confirmed, they excites me hahaha!

Every time when I think about I'm going to be in my second year this year, the fact shocks and scares me. It's like I'm going to graduate soon! The foundation year seems so long, but degree year passed way too fast. Unlike foundation, I hold a position in the board of English society, but I didn't done anything and this new semester is going to be my last sem on board. I'm like a huge vase hahahaha.

I wanted to change myself. That's why I agreed to help my friend in the 30 Hours Famine activity. The fact that I know no one else than my DOE family and foundation friends kinda scares me. I've been in this college for.... third year now. And I don't know anyone from other department. As always, I live in my class, my department.
Since primary school, all my friends are from the same class. I don't know much people from other classes. In secondary school, my friends from other classes were actually my primary school friends, or friends of friends. I didn't manage to make new friends hahaha. There were chances to make new friends, but I never hold the chance and I chose to stay in my little shell.
Now it's the time to get out from the shell. I can't live like this anymore, hahaha.

I'm not making new year resolutions this year... why bother? Never remember and fulfill them anyway lol. But the only thing is I really hope I can get out from my little shell! Go out and explore, stop being alone. :D

New year in a month! I'm going to my one of my favourite places! Hahaha I'm finally legal to be in casino, and I'm going to Genting Highlands! Awww the hotel price is scary... It's on promotion now, so when I checked few days before new year, they were cheap like shit. Never seen this cheap before. But then when it's new year day, damn they were expensive as hell. I said let's don't go this time, but my parents know how much I wanted to go lol because I've been saying this few months ago hahahahaha! I'm very curious on the casino! I know I look old enough to go but I wanted to wait till I reach the legal age.
So they insisted to go, thus I booked the hotel. Before I clicked on the checkout button, I asked a few times are you sure? But they insisted lol. So here we go! I'm going to spend my first day of Chinese New Year in Genting Highland! Can't wait to be in the casino hahahahahaha!

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