Wednesday, January 20, 2016

High School Musical Happy 10th Birthday.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to High School Musical, happy birthday to you!

It's been 10 years since the first movie of High School Musical series. If you didn't know this before, HSM is a three-install movie, it's a singing-dancing movie. It's the best DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) everrrrrrrrr, says in the record.
And if you didn't know this before, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL WAS MY CHILDHOOD. LITERALLY. 
When people asked me how to improve English, I always says watch TV more. But when asked what do you watch?
High School Musical is what I watch the most. Even though Glee have like 6 seasons, and let's says it has 20 episodes per season, making it totaling 120 episodes.
HSM have 3 installment, and I bet I've watched more than 120 times in total. No matter it's on TV, or from the DVD, I've watched tooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Until I can remember all the lines.
I was rewatching HSM3 last week with my little cousin sister---who brought me into the HSM world. I think the last time I watch HSM3 was like months ago. And I've reduced the times I watch it drastically---from like at least once every month to like 1 time half an year. But I'm surprised to find myself to still remember the lyrics! I don't have to think, the lines just come out naturally.

10 years ago, I was 11. My little cousin who was 6 at the time, was watching TV. She was singing along to the Disney Channel. I took a look, it was papa Bolton and mama Montez, and I thought they were husband and wife hahaha!
My cousin's singing caught my attention, "what is she singing exactly?" After seeing ti few times, I finally got the chance to see the full singing video. It was "breaking free". To be honest I don't remember how I felt, was it amazed? Was it tapping along to the rhythm? I don't remember anything. But I know, this was the start of something new. (bad pun clap)

The next thing I remember is, my mum bought me the DVD of HSM when we're in Genting Highlands. Perhaps I've already into HSM, so she bought the DVD for me? Again, I don't remember hahaha! But I do remember, I watched it with PS2 right away once we get back into hotel room.
And there's what everything started..... a road that you can't take a u-turn.

A year later, HSM2 was out. I didn't like this movie as much as previous one. Until now, it's still my least like one. But I started to buy merchandise of HSM.... pencil case and coins bags. I've used them throughout my secondary school year.. no lies.
I kinda regret that I don't have anything from HSM1 though.

One more year later, HSM3 came out on 24th October 2008. I watched it few days after it's premiere. And I still remember the movie was released earlier here in Malaysia than in the US because of the time differences. What they did was release it on 24th worldwide. I wanted to watch it on D-day, and we went to the cinema. But before it we went to dinner. After dinner. my dad called to the cinema office to book tickets. I didn't know that we can book through phone calls though lol. Or just to ask if there's still empty seats.
I was so excited on that day. When I was in school, all I can think whole day was "oh yes I'm going to watch HSM on the day it premiere!!!!!!!!"
But I didn't get to watch it, because that night was fullllll.
But few days later, we went to Genting Highlands, so for sure I watched it there hahaha! I still remember I bought the soundtrack before going into the cinema. I didn't have anything to play the CD though, so we only look at the lyrics after watching the movie hahaha!

I've bought sooooo many things from HSM3. I literally spent hundreds and hundreds on them. I still remember one time we went to Tebrau Jusco, and my dad gave us money. I don't remember how much exactly I got, but slightly over RM100 I guess. I spent all of them on HSM things in Harris. And I didn't even dare to show them what i bought hahahahahahahahaha. But for sure they found out, and I got scolded lol. Because my brother didn't spend any but I spent all I had. But I regret nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Years later, it's 2016 now. I was so damn shocked when I saw the #HSM10 hashtag. Like really? It has been 10 years???? 10 years ago something new started in me, and it has inspired me ever since. I can't even count how much essays I've written about HSM in school. Do you know what is scholastic decathlon? I didn't know either. But this was something happened in HSM1, so I've written it in, and I like how it is pronounced hahaha.
How about the word "peer pressure"? I didn't know either! But HSM2 had taught me that. Do you know what's the biggest/longest English word? I didn't know either. But in one edition of HSM2, I learnt that the longest word is a word started with p-, but I don't remember the whole word hahahahahaa. And I can't find the edition of HSM2 anymore, I've been Googling it for 20 minutes and no results. It play the movie as usual, but there's little pop up annotation in screen to explain or give a little hint on scenes.

High School Musical had taught me so much. I know I said this a lot, but HSM is indeed my inspiration, my everything.

Happy birthday High School Musical. I'll celebrate more and more 10 years in future with you.

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