Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm 21.

I know I should've written this earlier....
But I was too busy with The Sims 4!!!!!
I finally redownloaded it because my base game just didn't work....
Along with 2 expansion packs and bunch of stuff packs, 
I'm OBSESSED with the game!
I seriously can play that for whole day long!
So! My birthday has passed....obviously.
So as the Chinese New Year~
The day I'm writing right now is the 15th day of CNY... 
But wait! Johorean's CNY is not ended until the Chingay!

Alright I eventually stopped writing after the part above..
And today is Chingay! So without further ado, before even the Chingay ends, let's finish this post!
****This is going to be picture heavy post****

So! I hung out with my favourite people on the Sunday.
 My funny OOTD.

We had lunch at Paik's Pan! It's actually the same thing with Uncle Jang, the 닭갈비.
Only much more expensive..... It's like 30++/person, and you have to order 2 pax at least.
 We ordered a tteokbokki. But this is more like a 라벆이, which is tteokbokki+ramen.
The slicey thingy around the pan is delicious! Kinda like wontan skin hahaha.
We also ordered 2 pax of the chicken.

After lunch we just walk walk walk. And stopped at Haagen Dazs! I always wanted to try the chocolate fondue but it's wayyyyyyy too expensive. But we're 5 to share! ^^

Ermmmm I would say I can do the exactly same thing as this except the ice cream hahahahaha. But I covered my lil ice cream ball in chocolate, wait for it to harden and eat! Kinda like the Chocotop from McDonald's. I think that's the correct way to eat the ice cream balls hahahaha.

Oh Eunice made it to meet us! So we finally reunion as 5. <3 br="">
Oh damn blurry picture. Oh damn where's my eyes?? Did anyone see my eyes????
So we dug in! Then Ms Mong pulled out a box, which I already spotted in her bag when we're in the toilet. I did wonder why she bring a huge box with her but it just went off real soon hahaha. turns out to be a box of mini cupcake! Erm tbh I thought they are homemade at first.. because the rough work...... but it turns out to be sold in a shop.... oh damn......
All the alphabets stuck on the top of the box though hahahaha
It says happy birthday!! Only some of them were melted lol

Okay I thought the surprise ended here. Okay this is my present, but then Esther pulled out another box.
It was a huge tall box, I didn't do stupid thing like shaking the box, like all the drama did or ask what it is. Because you can just open it hahaha. I just asked if I can open it now. And I got permission. And I opened. And I'm surprised.
I knew right away what it is. Because I just shared a video like couple week or couple days before! I was so so so damn surprised. I dug out all the products slowly. Super duper afraid of spilling the thingy out.
Thank you my dear dear favourite people!!!!!! <3 div="">

Ms Mong gave me a kiss though oh god. I didn't wipe it off thoroughly so it stains until night...... oh god..... I brought this kiss mark everywhere......

It's my birthday D-day!!! I'm turning 21   T.T
 I went to Genting!!

 I'm like super red for CNY. Did my duty as Chinese on first day of CNY.

Nothing tooo speciallll. I didn't have my usual birthday dinner because my mum was eating vegan that day. Since it's first day of the month.
But I found my love in the newly furnished foodcourt in First World. The teriyaki chicken that I loved to death was gone. T.T  Was sad for 1 minute.
But then I discovered a Taiwanese food stall. And a chicken chop was dayum. It's so damn huge, comes with soup, rice, salad. Only RM17++!! It's like the price that we can get in cafe, not like super duper expensive. But what you get is definitely worth every penny you spent!! So sad I didn't have the picture. T.T
The foodcourt was so crowdy and stuffy, I just wanna finish my meal and get out asap.
If you're in Genting Highland, definitely check that out. It's called 香汁雞排飯 or something like that. My new love. <3 div="">

I saw this along the way back to hotel. This is from a stall selling gelato, which is operated by Genting. So sad I only got this ice cream, not the gelato T.T
I bought this... simply because.... it's cute...... it's in heart shape...!.... It's just vanilla ice cream inside.
You can find the stall everywhere. One at the lobby of the First World Hotel, one at along the way from the Baskins Robbins direction to the Hainamese restaurant.
Since it's still my birthday, so I bought 2 cakes at the First World lobby cafe. Because it's on sale..... hahaha. I wanted to get a baskin robbins cake at first, but even the smallest was too big for us, no one is going to finish it except me, so I can only forget it.
A rasberry cake and opera chocolate. Didn't finish half of each lol. Wayyyyyyy too sweet. I have a sweet tooth, I love dessert, but they were too sweet. I had it with black tea~ Okay it's just BOH or Lipton tea from the hotel.
Le next day. 9-2-2016 Happy birthday 小凌凌 Vicky!!
How lovely is my OOTD.
Oh we bought the same bag in JPO!!! How much? 70! lol
It's from Vincci. It's funny how we went to JPO, ended up buying something from Padini.....

So we just walk walk eat eat. Did nothing special hahaha.
The highlight is our lunch.
OHHH YEAH!! I went back to the Japanese restaurant at Genting that left me good impression. I just pretended this is ma birthday dinner lol.
My chicken rice. Decently good.
Her udon set.

Le lobby of First World hotel. So CNY.
My mum got a voucher, so we went to Bubbles&Bites at the Genting, a corner near the Hao You Kee.

I had squid ink pasta!
First time having squid ink pasta, and it does taste like squid lol. It is kinda fishy though.
I like how when they serve this dish, they'll ask if you want some pepper. If you want, they'll grind it freshly for you. Feel so fresh.
They serve decent western food there! Pizza was quite good too, with thin and crispy crust, yums!
The shop used to be cyber cafe.... we used to go there when we're small.....

Like to be honest, Famous Amos' brownies are heaven. They are so damn good!

Like 99% of teenagers/young adults, Starbucks is a must-go-place when you're in Genting Highland.
Green tea cream frappucino (I hope this is the name)
Thank you to the Chinese barista that spelled the name right!! Without me spelling it out!!!!
Went back on 10-2-2016.
 The necklace is the 21yo gift from le parents. They insisted that I shouldn't take a key because it will lost the meaning of being 21 after a year. And my mum had a few so there's no need to buy another key lol.
I chose this flower and butterfly one because.... this is the best among the very few modern design. Others are like abacus算盤 or 福 or weird pendants. This is the best among all hahaha!

We all know Fox 21st Century theme park is going to open in 2016 right.... But wait till you see this.....
oh it's too cloudy. btw it was so damn cool and cold! The weather of Genting has came back <3 div="">

Like... is this possible to finish in a year...? I don't think so lol.

Let's just skip time to 25-2-2016. The reason why I dragged this post till the end of the month is because I haven't buy presents for myself. I already planned to buy cosmetics as my 21st birthday present. Using angpows of course lol.
So I went to my heaven, Sephora and picked up few things. I also went to The Body Shop to use my birthday discount, which is 25%!!
 I got this huge set from Benefit!!!!!!! OMG I cannot describe how I feel when I finally lay hand on Benefit. I've been loving Benefit's design, and everything they came out with seems so good! I've eyeing a set on the Sephora website, but that's not available in store. I wanted to get a set with Porefessional, since it's the main thing I wanna get. I wanted to buy the deluxe sample at first, which cost RM50 for 7.5ml. But I think why not get a set? I can try other things as well!
This is a 4 items set.
From left: Fake up, benetint, they're real mascara, porefessional.
The benetint and they're real are full sized!!!!! The set is RM180. The benetint is RM120/130, the porefessional is RM50. I already earned back! Plus a full size mascara and sample fake up!
Oh I tried the Roller Lash mascara too for the second time lol. I'm still very impressed with it, and it doesn't smudge at all! It's a lengthening mascara. But it's RM100..... I can get a mascara at rm30+ from Maybelline.... But it is so nice! My next to-get product from Benetint hahaha.

I wanted to get a contour for soooo long. I was eyeing on a product from Sleek, but that's only available on the Sephora website. So I found another one.

It's in colour #pink, RM59.
The contour is so subtle, that you can barely see anything. But it's also good because you can build it up and it's very natural! I'm still experimenting with it. 
I wanted to get a contour stick from NYX, but it's not available in Malaysia ugh.
I picked up a couple things from The Body Shop.
 The tea tree toner, seems nice. Imma try it after finish my current wonder pore toner from Etude House. It raised the price again so I need to find a alternative. I hope this is good! RM69.
 Tea tree oil! Okay I always thought this is going to cost a bomb. But when I checked on the website it's only RM39! I expected it to be over RM70 hahahahaha. 

I went there with my friend Zhu Er, and I successfully pull her into the world of makeup hahahaha! She never been to Sephora, and it opens a brand new world to her. 

So that's the end of my birthday post! Phew it's a long post and lots of picture.
Thank you for all the wishes.
Thank you to my favourite people on the earth, you guys fulfilled my wish!
All I wanted was to have a meal with you guys, no cake no present is fine. I just want to gather around and have a meal. Thank you for fulfilling my birthday wish. <3 div="">
Thank you for the gift too! I really love them.
Thank you to my parents for the necklace.
Thank you everyone.
Hey I'm officially 21.

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