Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lil update. :)

Looking at my drafts and seeing my latest draft naming "Lost." makes me wonder what did I write. I clicked in, nothing in there. Then in 1 second, I remembered what I wrote.
About how I felt lost at this very point of my life. I wrote and wrote and wrote, then I realized the whole post was too redundant; I could go on and on on 1 topic.
So I stopped writing, looking over the whole post, command+A, delete.

Sometimes words are needed, sometimes it's just too much. The post that I've deleted was too negative, too ego. Learned a term called egoism. Uhmmm, I might be.

Anyways I was doing spring cleaning just now. Erm it's freaking 12:44am now. I actually didn't remember when did I started, but I was surprised to see 12am at the halfway hahaha. As always, I can't focus on spring cleaning. It will never be done without looking at things, flashing memories, refresh the memory. There will be things that I take out, look at them, thinking how I get them or the story behind them. I can stare at things for a long time.

I always wanted to make sure I do remember things. No I don't have Alzheimer(perhaps I have). But I do forget things pretty fast. So I always have to ensure myself still have the memory hahahahahaha. There are things that I will remember for the whole life, but it will not be reminded all the times. So during this kind of time, digging things out and refresh the memory is always good. The only thing is it TOOK UP TIME. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Erm I don't actually have much things to update though hahahaha. Perhaps my next post will be written on Genting Highland! Haha! I'm finally going in casino!!! I can't wait for it! <3 p="">

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