Friday, March 11, 2016


I'm actually on my midway doing assignment. Ugh, education psychology. Due tomorrow, do it tonight lol.
I have a huge cup of coffee beside me, and I kept reaching for it. When I meant huge, I mean at least 600ml lol. I need caffeine, but at the same time it does nothing on me. I'm still sleepy, I'm still struggling to open my eyes.
Anyways, I'm just here to say something.

I was told I am naive. I can't see the purpose of people's requests, I don't say no. I always gasp when they tell me what other actually meant. Because I didn't think that deep. I say yes, because hey we're friends. I'm always there for my friends.

But now, you are doing the same thing to me. I know I shouldn't say this but hey it's been 1 year. All the things that you said people did it with purpose to me, you're doing it exactly right now to me.

I'm a weird person hahaha. I don't like being the driver. I always curse when I'm the one to drive. But when people want to drive, I always felt uneasy in the car. Like shouldn't I be the driver? omg it felt so bad sitting at the passenger seat.
But I don't want to be the driver. Alright you said that they never give me gas money when they use me as a driver. But.... did you?

You know, I'm not stupid. I'm actually not that naive. Yeah I cannot see everything sometimes, but 어는정도 I know. (sorry I can't think of the English word for it)
I can tell a lot of things from your action.
Can everyone stop using me like a maid? I'm doing everything because we're friends. I treat you as my friend, that's why I did everything.
But do you treat me like a friend? Or just someone who lives at home and have access to a lot of resource?

Oh I want to mention this as well hahaha. I have like a namelist in my mind, like who are allowed to come to my house and who's not lololol.
I know this is childish but I can't help. I cannot accept everybody in my house.
I just discovered this recently. I kept rejecting people coming to my house. But I love having some in my house.
For those I never rejected before, hey I love you so much.

Before you point finger at other, please remember, your remaining four fingers are pointing to yourself. If you want to criticize a person, remember to look at the mirror, and check did you do the same thing.

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