Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm on sem break.

Oh yeah the sweet sembreak has finally come!!!!!

I'm again the language partner of the Aichi University Students Exchange program of our school.
 I did my very first emcee in my whole life. 
It was amazing, I didn't really do much, all I did was read the script.
But the compliments from our dean and a stranger, darn it felt good lol.
Our dean must've said it because well I'm from his department lol.
But after the event ended, a guy came up to me and ask if I'm from the Southern TV crew, the in-school-TV in our school.
I said erm nope, I'm actually just from the English department.
He asked me in Chinese, I replied in Chinese I believed lol.
But then he started to talk to me in English.
He didn't believe that's my first emcee though lololol.

Do you know how good it felt to speak in English, not a Chinese word at all?
Even though I'm a English student, my English conversation with friends don't usually last 10 sentences; either me or the other party give up.
But damn this guy talked to me for like 5 whole minutes, and allll in English.
I never met someone who is so passionate about English in this school before!!
He was wondering what event do we do, what activity can he take part etc.
And the most amazing part is, I usually speak super duper fast, and he can catch up all my words.
omg that's something to me.
I've been told I speak way too fast, especially when I'm nervous.
So it felt really good that someone can actually understand me fully! 

Anyways, I'm thankful for the chance being the emcee of the day.
Even though I made some mistakes, the teachers in charge didn't blame me and even sent me an gratitude email lol.

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